Saturday, 14 June 2014

Taste! Festival at Chichester

Today was a lovely day! Now it's the technically the summer season, all the fairs are open at the weekend, and there's not much more I love than a good mooch around a fair. This particular fair was the Chichester Taste! Festival in Oaklands park, and showcased lots of local food and the like. It was free to get into, the food was delicious (a lot of it free) and there was great company and great entertainment. Like, seriously - what more could you ask for?
The talking point of the event, however, was probably the weather. the day started with fairly neutral weather, and then suddenly became a scorching hot and bright summer's day. It was so hot we had to hide in shelter to keep us from melting like ice creams in the sun. Then - as you can see with these photos - the weather turned to complete torrential rain. I have not seen this much rain in a long, long time. It was fierce! But it ultimately made the day even more exciting, and gave me more to photograph and us more to talk about.

Also, a little soundtrack for the photos:

Jack attacking his huggge hotdog. 
Us. Nawwwwwwwh.

This band was called The Voodoo Love Orchestra and where pretty awesome. I loved their music and their style here.

Ice creaaaaam! And probably, the last of the sun.

Dark clouds ahead...

Annnnd the rain releases and crashes into us.


  1. Lovely pictures!! Damn the weather in this country! x

  2. These are such beautiful photographs. I enjoyed looking through them, and it sounds as though you had a brilliant day nonetheless. :)

    Naturally Jes

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  4. WOW, this post is awesome. I like the music and pictures :)

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  6. Oh ,these photos are amazing:))

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