Friday, 13 June 2014

My Favourite Things!

Ahhh I really do love writing these little 'my favourite things'  blogs, it makes me really appreciate the small things even more. I think I might start writing them once a fortnight because by now I have forgotten what I loved at the beginning of may (doh!).

No.7 Cleansing Balm
An old favourite, that I've recently discovered again. A beautiful cleansing balm for dry skin, especially as Boots usually have £5 off No.7 skincare - mine will always go on this now! I wouldn't recommend it for Oily Skin, but if your skin is even a little bit dry then this is seriously ah-mazing. It can also remove your make up - bonus!

L'Oreal Noir Excess Mascara
Recommended by Fleur De Force I thought I would give this a try - it doesn't disappoint. It's not necessarily one of those 'god damn amazing boom' mascaras but it adds great length and volume and a gorgeous black colour. It lasts all day. Awesome for the price. I'm really enjoying using it, and I know that I can always trust in it to make a good difference.

Glitter on Plain Nails
Recently the whole full-blown-manicured nails just have not been for me. Not only have I kind of lost patience with it, I'm just not enjoying how my nails look covered in nail polish. I've gone bare nails for a little while and really loved it, but now I'm just putting a coat or two of glittery polish so my nails look bare but with a little bit of extra sparkle. It's a love/hate kind of look I think, but I love that my nails shimmer in the light. My favourite is Juicy Jules by Model's Own.

The Maze Runner Trilogy
Seriously. Guys. I'm in love with this series, and I have pretty much just read all three books all the way through. If you liked anything about The Hunger Games or Divergent then you will just eat this series up. There's a film coming out at the end of the year, and I am now beyond excited for it. I'm 90% through the final book. I need to go read the rest now, kthnxbi.

A freaking awesome documentary about not trusting everyone you start talking to on the internet. I've avoided watching this documentary for quite a while now because I thought it wasn't for me, but after watching it I now know that this is the best documentary I have ever seen, and I have watched quite a lot. It's making me want to go out right now and shoot a documentary for myself.

I'm super excited for the coming couple of weeks! Life is pretty stressful for me at the moment, but next week on June 21st is my 21st birthday (hooray!) and then on June 24th is my graduation in London which I have loved shopping for. But - more on that soon!

Wishing you all a freakin' gorgeous weekend.

Jasmine xo

  Listening: Avril Lavigne - Avril Lavigne
 Reading: The Death Cure - James Dashner
 Looking Forward To: The food festival!
 Feeling: Tired but content


  1. Woo happy birthday for next week! I'm loving glitter too - not hard to upkeep either x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  2. Catfish was such a good film! :D I don't know to many people that enjoyed it! OOO and Happy birthday for this week lovely :) xx

  3. Stumbled upon this blog, so far I am really liking your posts, especially this one plus your photography overall is brilliant! Have to agree with the catfish addiction, its such a good show :) keep up the good work!