Thursday, 19 June 2014

I'm Going to London! - Jasmine's Journal

Hellooo! I thought it was time for a little update on what I'm getting up to. This next week is a going to be a big week for me, and last night it got ten times more exciting.

On Saturday 21st June it is my 21st birthday! I always get super excited for my birthday, and this one is about to get even better. The plan originally was to meet up with some friends for a meal whilst playing Pokemon (which obviously, is amazing), but then my Dad offered me some money to spend the weekend in London with Jack - and last night I booked the hotels! We will be staying over Saturday  and Sunday night, whilst spending three whole days exploring London - I am BEYOND excited. This was exactly what I always wanted to do for my 21st birthday, and now it is going to happen!

I love just being a tourist in London. Although I've been there many times before, there is still just so much that I have not seen. My main aims are:

  • Visit the science museum for hours and HOURS! :)
  • Visit the Natural History Museum for even more hours
  • Go on the London Eye
  • See Matilda the Musical and/or Wicked the Musical
  • Go to Forbidden Planet
  • Eat lots of frozen yoghurt. And pizza.

A lot of things will probably be added to the list, but this is where we are starting off. Randomly - did you know there was a silent disco at the shard? Isn't that a little bit crazy and awesome? I'm particularly excited for the shows. I've already seen Wicked 10 times since I was 14 - I freaking adore that show - and Matilda is something that Jack and I have been obsessing over the soundtrack of recently too.

It doesn't really stop there though, on Tuesday it's my GRADUATION! Which also happens to be in London. I'm nervous about what I actually have to do for it, but I can't wait to get dressed up in the gown and see everyone graduate from the course. My Mum and Dad will be there too which will make it all extra special.

So - that is the plan for the next 7 days. I'm a bit nervous because it does sound like a lot, but I think my aim is going to be to enjoy as much as possible, and listen to myself and what I want to do. I'm looking forward to chilling in the hotel, and spending so much time with Jack.

I hope you are all well.

What's your favourite thing to do in London?

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  1. Have a brilliant time. Im in London next week for IMATS I really need to book to go again to look round the museums as only been to london to look around once before.
    Carrieanne x

  2. You are so lucky.I've never been to London but I would love to. :))

  3. Ohh have fun in London! If you're planning on eating lots of frozen yoghurt, you should check out Chin Chin Laboratories in Camden! Ok, it's icecream, not yoghurt but it's so cool! They make it for you right there in front of you with liquid nitrogen! I dragged my boyfriend there last time we were in London XD


  4. Have a great time in London! Enjoy it as much as possible! <3

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