Friday, 9 May 2014

Finishing University & A New Blog Routine!

Hellooo there wonderful person, and welcome to the very first Friday life post here on Rabbitwood. I have a whole new scedule of posts lined up for thew future and they will all be following this new routine. On Mondays I will be writing about positivity - this can cover a whole host of different things from positive thinking and health to dealing with anxiety and recipes to kick start your day. On Wednesdays I will be blogging about beauty, makeup and skincare. Reviews, hauls - you name it, I can cover it here. And last, but certainly not least, on Fridays I will be posting life and lifestyle posts. A lot of these will be what I've done in the week, and also maybe some things like book reviews and tags. The blog is my oyster. I am so excited to get this started.

This week and last have been a huge deal for me, mainly because it involved setting up my degree exhibition, submitting my last and mot important deadline, and finishing my degree completely. We had to completely build our degree show from the ground up, so a lot of time was just spent painting a load of walls a matte bright white colour and getting covered in speckles of paint in the process (but all part of the fun, eh?!). I took a bit of a risk with my final piece by presenting the photos in small rounded tanks of water. I've had loads of great comments about it so far, so *breathes* it's now all set up and ready to be marked by the tutors and opened to the public over the next couple of weeks.

I actually found leaving university a lot more stressful than I thought I would. For the first couple of days I just felt like crying, and I was really quite anxious! A week on I've kind of got used to it now, but the prospect of needing a job to survive is still really scary! I have applied to a lot of places that I feel are appropriate and now it's just waiting to hear for a call / text back. *fingers crossed*

However, I have had a little (big) project up my sleeve to keep myself very busy over the last week too. A couple of weeks ago myself and a few others started work on a 'Happy' video to promote my hometown. Inspired by the original by Pharrell Williams and other remakes, we got as many people from the community involved as we could and and I was in charge of filming and editing. I finished the final, FINAL version about two hours ago. It's launching on Sunday night, and I have to say I am pretty nervous about it going public! The response so far has been amazing and I really hope that everyone who is in it enjoys seeing themselves. We will even be on BBC Sussex at 7:20am this Sunday to talk about it - so tune in if you can!

Thankyou to everyone who leaves comments on my blog and who follows me on bloglovin. It really does mean the world to me and I read every comment that people leave me.

Have a beautiful weekend!

Jasmine xo


  1. Wow Jas, huge congratulations with the video! I LOVE 'Happy' by Pharrell so very excited to see that :D Also, well done on finishing university and creating such a stunning final piece! I wish I could come and see it in person.
    I'm oh so excited to see more posts from you, good luck with everything (including the job hunt)!
    Stay positive!

    Love, Lou xo
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

    1. Thankyou Lou! I will post the video on here so that you can see it :) Gahhh what a lovely comment XD thanks thanks thankkkss

  2. Congrats on finishing Uni, your final project sounds amazing! Your new blogging schedule sounds great, it's so much better when everything is organised (I find anyway),

    Christina | Passion Obsession

  3. Great job on finishing your university, girl! I just completed my high school recently and it feels so good haha. And yes, blog routine is important!

  4. Congratulations on finishing Uni! I can imagine what a stressful and daunting prospect that it though! Don't worry your hard work will have paid off and something will come up ^_^
    I was really interested to read about your exhibition! That is so creative, and the fact that you had to do everything from scratch too - wow! I don't think I'll ever get the opportunity to do something half as creative!!
    The Happy video sounds soooo awesome! Love the song and love all the remakes of it, will you be sharing it on your blog? ^_^ also very much looking forwards to Mondays in particular (after exams when I actually have time to read blogs!) because the positivity posts sounds awesome! Loving the schedule!
    Hope you're well! <3
    Iqra |The Blushing Giraffe | Bloglovin

  5. Congrats on finished uni! It is really scary when you first finish but soon you will get into working life and never want to go back to being a student! I really like your blog, glad I stumbled on it :) I'm following you on BL as well! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

  6. fantastic idea with the photos on the tank of water!!! wow!!! :*

    GIVEAWAY on my blog!

  7. First of all, congratulations of finishing University!!! It is a big step and feeling stressed so close to the finish line is TOTALLY okay :) I was a wreck the last month before I had to walk the stage. And when it was all done, I felt lost and I had hard time believing that the experience was over. But it's a good feeling ;)
    Also, I love the idea of putting your photographs in water tanks! So clever and it gives a different perspective!
    I would also love to see your interpretation of the Happy song, even though I got tired from the song itself after hearing it on every radio stations and every home lol. But I love seeing what people do with it!
    Hope you are doing well, Jas.

    Colette| Skattered Notes

  8. Congratulations lovely, your exhibition looks amazing, love the tanks of water!

    Jennie xo |