Wednesday, 14 May 2014

All You Need is Dove

For me, Dove reminds me of my childhood. It's a brand that my mum has always favoured and I remember that our bathroom used to always smell like the delicious creamy smell that is so recognisable for Dove products. It's rare that I ever like a brand and all it's products so much - but Dove has really impressed me. 

Over the last few weeks I have been using a few Dove products in the bath and shower - exclusively. I got a gift set of for Christmas and fell in love with the super moisturising and gorgeous smelling products. And do you know what attracts me the most? They really feel like you are pampering yourself - and I love that. There is nothing like feeling pampered after a long day and not breaking the bank. 

The Dove Bath Cream will always be a super staple for me. It produces lovely creamy bubbles in your bath, and you feel like you're really getting some moisture and pamper treatment in there too. Beautiful smell. Great formula. There's not too much you can say about Bath Creams apart from that this ticks all the boxes!

Most recently I have started using the Dove Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner. I bought it because my hair was just feeling very dry at the ends and just looked a bit unhealthy. I love these products so much. They make my hair feel super soft and shiny and the most nourished it has ever been. Not even some of the hair masks I have used have compared to how this feels! If your someone who likes voluminous hair or bouncy flat iron curls I would recommend you limit using it to once a week as it is very moisturising. But for anyone with dry hair it's a complete godsend. I don't know how it does it!

Lastly - the Dove Go Fresh Body Washes. I always think it's a bit weird when people talk up body washes. It's like 'how can a body wash be that good? It doesn't do anything. And yes, I get that. But this smells sogoddamnamazingjustohmygod kind of amazing. It's so moisturising too. It's the kind of product that I limit myself using because I don't want it to be used up too quickly. It's my 'special occasion' pampering product (which is pretty much every day - celebrate the smal, things!). 

Hope you guys like this post,

Jasmine xo

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  1. I love the dove body wash! They have it at pound land sometimes as well if you get lucky :)

    Jasmin Charlotte