Monday, 7 April 2014

#BBloggers Tag

Here is a little tag created by Cat at LilacGhosts on all things beauty blogging! I hope you enjoy.

1. What is the name of your blog/channel and how did you come up with it?
Rabbitwood. One day my boyfriend and I where randomising words on an online dictionary and rabbitwood immediately caught my eye. I love the images of the woodland and little fluffy bunnies that it creates in my mind.

2. What bit of kit could you not blog/vlog without?
My SLR Camera, my iMac and my iPhone. I probably could blog without them, or at least with cheaper version of them, but they are my little hub of everything blogging.

3. What do you love most about beauty blogging/vlogging?
I love reading other people's product reviews so that I know I will not be dissapointed. I love the community of like-minded people who are there to support each other and write about what they love. I love having an outlet to talk about the things that I am loving.

4. What do you hate most? 
I don't like it when people ask me to 'sub for sub'. If you comment on my blog / contact me in any way then there is a pretty good chance that I will look at your blog and subscribe if I like it. 'Sub for sub' is all about gaining followers which is not what's important for me.

5. Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers?
FleurDeForce, Loepsie, TalkBeckyTalk, Sprinkle of Glitter, BubzBeauty - and a load more! I've followed LilacGhosts and Lou Bluebird since the beginning too. 

6. What posts/videos do you love writing/filming the most?
Monthly favourites are my favourite. I like writing personal posts, photography posts and tags a lot too. I'm not too good at reviews, but I still enjoy them!

7. What was the first post/video you ever made/wrote? 
I've blogged for a few years, but for this particular blog my first post was a weekly round up including my grandad's funeral last year. It definitely has evolved into more of a beauty / lifestyle blog since!

8. What items have you bought purely because of posts/videos?
I buy foundations after reading reviews of the, and I'm also a sucker for lipsticks and most lip products too. Yes, lipsticks. All of those. 

9. Do you buy products purely to review them, or wait until you need something and then review it? 
At the moment I am a very poor student so I only buy products that I need. I buy the items I want to review within that though, so I get the best of both worlds really!

10. Advice for someone who wants to get into blogging/vlogging.
Just do it. Do it to your very best ability, but don't worry about it being bad. Everyone starts somewhere. Also - keep going. Don't do it for followers, do it because you love it.

I would like to taggggg Lou Bluebird, Colette, and everyone else who reads this blog :)

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 Looking Forward To: My mouth to heal after the surgery.... and leaving uni!
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  1. love!

  2. Aw yay! Thank you for the tag Jas, I'll do it as soon as I can :D
    Completely agree with your answers to Q3 and 10!

    You have a wonderful blog Jas, the love you have for writing it really shines through,
    Lou xo
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  3. Ugh I hate follow for follow requests too! Love this tag :) xx ❤

  4. We have so much in common haha. I agree with your answers!

    Really appreciate it if you could visit my blog.
    Let me know if you've followed me! My GFC is at the bottom of my page.
    I follow everyone back.
    Do give me some time to get back to you. :)

    Sandy |