Sunday, 20 April 2014

Pretty Princess & Ice Queen, New Photoshop Actions!

Hello everyone! I am delving into the world of photoshop actions. Here are the first two that I am launching, and for now they are completely free for you to use! The aim is to get some feedback from people using them to figure out how they are best used and if anything needs to be changed.

'Pretty Princess' was created for portraits, and brings out the subtle pinks and magentas in an image while at the same time brightening, contrasting and sharpening with a custom curve made by me.

'Ice Princess' transforms portraits into a dreamy black and white scene, adding new tones, highlights and shadows. The over all look is very sharp and matte, and will smooth any skin tone.

Please let me know what you think! Once you have downloaded the actions, they are yours to keep and use but a credit and link to my facebook page would be very nice but not essential.

These actions are for Adobe Photoshop. To use them - open the image you want to use in Photoshop, simply open the action file, select the action you want and then press the play button.


Thanks very much,

Jasmine xo

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Revlon Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculaire

I have joined the bandwagon, bitten the bullet and followed the trend this time and gone and bought the new(ish) Revlon Matte Balm in Striking Spectaculaire. And I have to say - I pretty damn love it. I am all for the 'matte' lipstick anyway - I think it gives a more vintage/subtle look than something high gloss so this was pretty much made for me. The formula is strange - good strange. It goes on like a lip balm,
smoothes like a shiny lipstick would and then appears completely matte. This shade in particular is quite an in-your-face kind of red - and yet I don't ever feel the need to use a lipliner underneath. Yes, it would probably give my lips a lot more definition if I did, but without looks perfectly acceptably and lovely which is SO handy when you are on the go. I have seen a lot of reviews where they say these last a long time - in my experience they are okay. They last as long as you don't eat / drink / kiss anything, but loose their colour after an hour or so so it looks more like you have stained lips over a balm or lipstick kind of look. Because it's so easy to apply, I can forgive it!

I definitely need to go and buy a lot more of these, I have my eye on the nude, the coral-pink colour and the purple shade.  They look divine! This product really is so handy to just slip into your handbag and apply whenever for a beautiful look.

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Monday, 14 April 2014

The Scary Prospect of Finishing University and Applying For Jobs

Oooooooh help. In two weeks time I have my last ever dealine at university - after that I am free to do whatever I want. Today I'm having a little bit of a freak out as I realise that I will have no money income, and that I just don't know what to do! I have a wide variety of skills, but none that I necessarily want to devote all of my time to - but do I just take what I can get now? I'm thinking yes. Not that any job will be a bad thing - any person/place that offers me any kind of work I will be eternally grateful and any experience is good experience.

I'm just feeling as though I am a little stuck at the moment. Where do I look for potential employers? How do I know what job will suit me? What industry do I want to get into? Do I apply for lots of Internships? It's all very confusing and I'm puttting a lot of pressure on myself which is making me very stressed and ratty towards those I love.

I have recently started working in a local tea shop. Although it is kind of a 'fill in' job until I get into my chosen career path, I really do love working there. I love the people, I love working as a team, I love the service we give and the passion of the owners to keep it up to date. I am happy working there, I love it, but at some point this year I need to work full time in the creative industry.

Last night I watched the documentary 'Pageant' and every person involved had a dream or a goal that they had always wanted to achieve. It got me worried that I don't have a passion for anything, and that I don't have any goals. But then I realised - my passion at the moment is being healthy, being happy, being kind, and building my life. I want to move into my own house, buy the clothes I want to wear, decorate my house. Those are my goals at the moment. I don't have a big dream to teach, to publish a novel or to become a CEO - I just want to be happy and content.

Wahhh, that turned into a bit of a heart-felt blog post didn't it? I think it's important to share these feelings though, especially to other people who are in the same position as me (which is probably most people my age!) to let people know that they are not alone!

For now I'm going to stay at my lovely little tea room job, who are very supportive of me, and in the mean time apply for jobs and interships as much as I can. Phew, it's stressful work.

How are you guys?

Jasmine xo

Sunday, 13 April 2014

Photos from Country Family Walks

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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Dolores III - Photos From My Finals

These photos are the finals from my last ever university project. The series is titled 'Dolores III' and follows human cloning in a dystopian future. In a couple of weeks time these photos will be exhibited in the graduate exhibition for UCA, and will actually be suspended behind water.

(Click photos to view larger image)

The images below are some outtakes from the shoot, and I just really liked how they looked. Too pretty to get lost or deleted!

Over the next few weeks I will be posting a lot of information about this project - but for now here they are!

Thanks very much for all your support, 

Jasmine xo

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Friday, 11 April 2014

I Had Surgery - Teeth Part 1

This little post right here is definitely a little snippet-of-my-life post, the last week has been pretty tough going, and I have really missed my little blog a hell of a lot!

Ever since I can remember I have had overcrowded teeth - my teeth are all wonky and there are too many of them. I've always been very self conscious of them, to the point where I will never smile with my teeth and always make an extra effort to hide them. Last year I went to a private dentist just to get a check up, and through X-rays they found that I have a tooth stuck in my gum which never made an appearance. They refereed me to an orthodontist, and within a few months I had various hospital appointments and a letter confirming that the NHS would pay for the tooth to be removed. The work being done was not only cosmetic - there was a good chance that in the future the stuck tooth would move and push out the rest of my font teeth. I knew that I never wanted to get to that situation. 

When I discovered that I would need to have seven teeth removed through surgery, I was very scared. I put it off for as long as I possibly could but i knew that I wanted to get it done before entering full time work, and the NHS would only hold the funding for so long too. I didn't want to do it. I knew that I would be mad not to, so I did it anyway despite being so scared. It was a big and brave decision, and a horrible one to make. I talked it through with many people, and everyone said the same thing - go for it now, while you can. There was a possibility of waiting a number of years and then getting it done privately, but I was told by the hospital that it would cost tens of thousands of pounds.

After getting my surgery date through I was actually okay. Anxiety was creeping around me, but I was able to keep my mind off of it until about two days before when I went into full-scale anxiety mode. I still managed to keep a level head, somehow.

On the day I arrived at the hospital about 11:30am. I was near to tears most of the day, but Jack was a complete and utter angel and kept me calm and as happy as I could be. It was horrible hearing people in pain around me, there was one women in particular who woke up from her surgery in so much pain and she was just yelping and crying from the bed across from me. Not really what I wanted to hear! I was called in at 3:00pm and I pretty much just cried straight away because I was so scared. Once I had laid on the bed I changed my mind, told them to stop and tried to get away from them. They did it anyway (which is a good thing, I'm slowly coming to realise!) and I just remember my brain starting to tick over like when you're dreaming and then being woken up by a nurse.

I had been so worried about the anaesthetic that I had not prepared myself at all for what my body / mouth would feel like afterwards. It wasn't so much as pain, but my mouth was so inflamed / scarred / broken that for a few days afterwards I couldn't talk, I had bruising on my chin, I couldn't eat much and I was upset and in shock when the 'happy' drugs they had given me started to ware off. There were two days where I cried a lot more and couldn't stop thinking about what I'd been through.

I felt awful - but by Sunday (4 days later) I pretty much felt fit as a fiddle in myself. People had always told me your mouth heals really fast, but I never knew it could heal that fast. Soon I was able to eat most things, the swelling had gone down and I could finally talk - hooray!

It is now 9 days after the surgery, and I'm 100% back to normal. The whole experience was really horrible to the point where I really regretted my decision, but the recovery has been so quick that it actually makes it all worth it. I have already noticed a difference in how I smile, how my teeth are shifting round and how I feel about them. I can't wait until May when I get to have a brace put on, for the first time in my life I am going to have teeth that are healthy and that I am proud of.

In recovery everyone has been amazingly supportive and nice to me. I have received many lovely texts and messages, as well as a bunch of flowers and a lot of chocolate which I could melt on my tongue. It has really shown me how many people around me care about me, and it really made all the difference to making a hard experience more bearable.

AlthoughI don't ever want to have surgery again, if I ever had to for my health then I am now prepared and know what to expect. I see this as adding to my list of experiences which I can draw on in the future. 2014 is my year of change, and the year that I am not controlled by fear or anxiety. This is just another step on my way to creating myself.

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Monday, 7 April 2014

#BBloggers Tag

Here is a little tag created by Cat at LilacGhosts on all things beauty blogging! I hope you enjoy.

1. What is the name of your blog/channel and how did you come up with it?
Rabbitwood. One day my boyfriend and I where randomising words on an online dictionary and rabbitwood immediately caught my eye. I love the images of the woodland and little fluffy bunnies that it creates in my mind.

2. What bit of kit could you not blog/vlog without?
My SLR Camera, my iMac and my iPhone. I probably could blog without them, or at least with cheaper version of them, but they are my little hub of everything blogging.

3. What do you love most about beauty blogging/vlogging?
I love reading other people's product reviews so that I know I will not be dissapointed. I love the community of like-minded people who are there to support each other and write about what they love. I love having an outlet to talk about the things that I am loving.

4. What do you hate most? 
I don't like it when people ask me to 'sub for sub'. If you comment on my blog / contact me in any way then there is a pretty good chance that I will look at your blog and subscribe if I like it. 'Sub for sub' is all about gaining followers which is not what's important for me.

5. Who are your favourite bloggers/vloggers?
FleurDeForce, Loepsie, TalkBeckyTalk, Sprinkle of Glitter, BubzBeauty - and a load more! I've followed LilacGhosts and Lou Bluebird since the beginning too. 

6. What posts/videos do you love writing/filming the most?
Monthly favourites are my favourite. I like writing personal posts, photography posts and tags a lot too. I'm not too good at reviews, but I still enjoy them!

7. What was the first post/video you ever made/wrote? 
I've blogged for a few years, but for this particular blog my first post was a weekly round up including my grandad's funeral last year. It definitely has evolved into more of a beauty / lifestyle blog since!

8. What items have you bought purely because of posts/videos?
I buy foundations after reading reviews of the, and I'm also a sucker for lipsticks and most lip products too. Yes, lipsticks. All of those. 

9. Do you buy products purely to review them, or wait until you need something and then review it? 
At the moment I am a very poor student so I only buy products that I need. I buy the items I want to review within that though, so I get the best of both worlds really!

10. Advice for someone who wants to get into blogging/vlogging.
Just do it. Do it to your very best ability, but don't worry about it being bad. Everyone starts somewhere. Also - keep going. Don't do it for followers, do it because you love it.

I would like to taggggg Lou Bluebird, Colette, and everyone else who reads this blog :)

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