Friday, 28 February 2014

War Horse - National Theatre Live

Last night, thanks to my boyfriends mum I was lucky enough to go and see the theatre production of War Horse streamed live into our local cinema. Having read the book and seen the feature film before hand, plus the fact that I'm a theatre nerd, I was extremely excited about seeing this. It felt like a night at the theatre, but only being 5 minutes away from your nice cosy bed. Of course, nothing will compare to the buzz and electricity of seeing a theatre show live, but this comes pretty damn close at a fraction of the price. 

We arrived for the show to start at 7:00pm having left only ten minutes before, and settled into our seats at the front of the balcony - the perfect seats! Sweets at the ready and good company nearby, the show began.

The show itself was absolutely gorgeous - I've seen bits and pieces of it before at various different theatre events before, but nothing really prepares you for just how stunning the horse puppetry is within the show. It's completely live - what you see is what is happening in London at the same time which makes it so much more exciting. Streaming live theatre into cinemas is something that is becoming more and more popular, and I am so very excited to see more and more. 

I think this show is being streamed live again at some time in March - I really, really recommend it.

Heroes Season 1
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  1. Fab post, i've been really interested to see war horse, me and the hubby are into opera and went to see Carmen a couple of weeks ago which was good, p.s why do you feel worried for the future?

    H, xo