Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Finishing Dissertation & Shooting My FMP

It's true! It's all done! It's all handed in! Phew. It feels weird, and strange and like it hasn't quite happened yet. I'm so happy that one of the biggest part of my degree is over, and that I won't have to write about things which don't particularly interest me any more - wahoo! Despite writing 8-9,000 words, I still feel like I have not actually worked hard enough on it - but to write that much I surely must have. Maybe it's just all turned into a blur! Hooray. I am now just going to be working on my final major photography project which just happens to be worth double what dissertation was. It will be hard work, but worth it.

I also bought a beautiful lighting kit this week which I used on my first shoot of my final project last weekend. It was my very first shoot using controlled studio lighting on location - and especially using gel colours. I'm very happy with the result and it was also a wonderful evening with my wonderful friend Ellie and my boyfriend Jack. We got fish and chips after to celebrate. 

It's been a very productive week, I've got a hell of a lot done and I'm feeling very motivated :)

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  1. Yayy congratulations lovely lady - a huge achievement!

    Jennie xo |

  2. Well done on finishing your dissertation! From what I've gathered (from past post/your youtube) you have been working very hard on it! It's always nice when something you've spent a lot of time on finishes :D
    Good luck with your photography project - I have no doubts that it will be wonderful!

    Love, Lou xx

  3. Congrats! It must be so exciting (and scary) to be finishing uni so soon, good luck (:

    1. It really is, scary and exciting at the same time. Thanks very much