Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Books for Happiness and Memories

Recently I have been getting more and more into recording my memories and reading books full of positivity and tips for living a happier and healthier life. It is now such an indulgence for me to read these books, and I am always on the hunt for the next book that will make me feel even more empowered and ready to grab life by the horns. I currently have these four things permanently on my desk in my bedroom, and they are always there to give me confidence, as a good start to the morning, or just as something fun to do in my spare time. I highly recommend these four books, and I grow to love them more everyday.


I have had my eye on this since new years, but I've never had that little bit of money spare to buy it. My wonderful boyfriend Jack bought it for me as a Valentine's day gift, and I have to say it is fast becoming my favourite thing I own. It is a small 5 year journal. The cover is on vintage brown (think brown paper texture) hardback with gorgeous black type, and the edges of the paper are a really shiny gold which just makes me smile. For every day of the year there is a question and five spaces to write - the idea is that you write the answer every day for five years. Each year you get to see your answer to the same question and see how much you have grown. I am only two weeks or so in, but I am already in love with the idea. Oh yes. It's amazing, if you haven't already guessed. You can buy it here.

The Art of Being Brilliant

This was the first non-fiction book I really ever read, and it focuses on not dwelling on negative thoughts and making the most out of your life. It is written in a heartwarming and humorous way, and is filled with lovely little anecdotes. It's short and well organised so you can easily read it pretty damn quick - I read it in an evening. It's in no way patronising, and really does just give you a little boost of positivity. Buy it here :)

The Promise

Out of all these examples, this is the most 'clinical' in that it goes deeper into psychology to help you change the way you think. It's still pretty simple though. The main premise of the book is on 'positive acceptance', and each chapter guides you to apply it to different parts of your life. It's quite deep, definitely not light bedtime reading, but it is complete and utter genius. It's one of those books that just makes you think 'why on earth have I not been doing this before?'. It can be bought here.

Moleskine Journal

As I have mentioned before, I have really gotten into journalling since November last year. I adore it so much that I just cannot even express it. It's great for tracking your goals, recording important events, collecting your thoughts and working through things that may be worrying you. To start you off trying looking at some journalling prompts by googling or on pinterest - I freakin' love doing the 100 Favourite Things. I start a new one in every journal that I buy. I would definitely recommend a Moleskine journal over the others - they are beautiful, well made, light, compact and just perfect for anything you can throw at it. Buy one here.

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  1. I have been admiring that Q&A question diary for some time, I might get it and start it next year!

    Love, Lou x
    Bluebird | Beauty and life blog

  2. I love books like these, in fact I'm currently giving away something very similar to the Q&A one on my blog Rachel is Elsewhere!!

  3. I have been recording my memories in a journal too. It really helps you see clear and to make attainable goals. I have heard of the Promise, but haven't read it yet. I need to make a memo to check it out :) Also, you have been tagged for a game of 11 questions!


    Colette | Skattered Notes

  4. That Q&A book sounds super interesting and I'll definitely be reading The Art of Being Brilliant. Thanks for the recommendations, they always elongate my amazon list ;)