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Why Keeping a Journal is Good For You - Bloguary #5

Since the beginning of November last year, I have been keeping a daily journal. It's not on a blog, but it's in a pretty notebook that I keep on me most of the time. Since starting journalling, I have noticed so many positive changes in my life. I am so happy that I have found this way to relax and to mediate myself, so I thought that today I would share it with my blog in case it helps other people do the same. I will put together a list of the most important factors of why journaling is good. I will do another post soon about how to start a journal and stick to it.

It Keeps You Focused on Your Goals
My favourite thing about my journal, is that either every day, every week, or every once in a while you can write down how you are getting further to achieving what you want, and it acts as a reminder to you to keep going. Whether this is eating healthily, working on a portfolio, saving money - anything. Just by documenting your progress and mentioning how you're doing every day can really keep you on track. One of my main goals is to have a positive mental attitude - whenever I write down a situation that is not great, the process of writing in a journal makes me think of how I could have done it differently and teaches me a lesson for the future. I also like to do a 'round up' of the week on a Sunday - the good things, the bad things, goals, happy times etc. Writing down a to-do list for the next day in your journal, just before you go to bed, is a good way to stop worrying about forgetting things and also makes you a lot more likely to do it!

It Allows You To See Life From an Objective Perspective
Sometimes you get so deep into a situation that all you can think about is how you're feeling right now and how that impacts you - and that is okay. But a lot of the time, that's not necessarily helpful to you. By writing down the facts of what has happened as well as how you feel, you begin to see the situations you are in a in a more objective kind of way which will help you make the right decision. It can also give you the motivation to start responding to it in a much more positive way.

It Lets You Speak To Someone in Confidence
Sometimes we just need to say something but we know that a) it might upset someone and b) it might just be be because we are feeling angry/upset/hurt at the time. Sometimes even speaking to friends and airing your thoughts and be not helpful, so writing it down allows you to get the feelings out without upsetting anyone, and lets you calm down and get in a more rational state of mind. Sometimes you are write down angry things, sometimes you can write down little things that are worrying you that are too small to even worry about. You can write down why they worry you, and why they shouldn't. Obviously this shouldn't be a replacement for talking to people, but sometimes it's just what you need.

It Calms You Down
I find that the act of writing can make me feel so calm and relaxed. I don't know whether it's the mental concentration, or the physical act of writing but it definitely makes me feel better. Sometimes I can feel really anxious and panicy - then the moment I get out my journal and start writing some nonsense I start to feel calmer and more relaxed. Write about happy things, write about the people that make you feel loved and the people you want to do good things for. It's great to write in just before you go to sleep as it's a nice finish to the end of the day, and you may feel like all your worries and to-dos are floating away.

It's a Record of your Life
It may not seem important at the time, but having a record of your life is so good in the future. Although it might seem cringey - you will be thankful that you recorded what was happening in your life at this moment. Especially the big events!

It's Good Mental Stimulation
If you're having a day where your brain is just not working, then journalling is really useful to wake you up more and keep you on track. 

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Now, I wish I could just have the same motivation to write my dissertation as I do to write blog posts. It's back to work tomorrow so I guess that will have to happen then. Today is one of my last days of relaxing, and I'm going to enjoy it as much as I can! So far today I have just been reading my book, playing Pokemon, watching The Pokemon Movie, and eating Terry's chocolate Orange with Jack and his sister. It's 12:00pm and I'm not even out of my pyjamas yet! Sherlock Series 3 Episode 2 is on tonight - ohmygosh I am so excited. Eeeeeee. Why are there only 3 episodes in a series I ask you?!

I hope everyone reading this is happy and well. If there is any posts you would like to see me write for Bloguary then please let me know as I am really enjoying blogging everyday. Posts go live at 7:00pm daily.

Jasmine xo

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  1. I kept a journal for a little bit last year but then gave up - I really do need to start again! xoxo

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