Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Soap and Glory 'Man Trap' First Impressions - Bloguary #8

Yesterday I posted that I had bought a new lipstick fomr Soap and Glory called Man Trap. My first impressions of the product is that the colour is absolutely gorgeous - my favourite that I have ever found. I actually went in looking for something a little darker, but I'm really happy that I found this! the product also smells really yummy which I was not expecting - a bit like vanilla. Even when you're wearing it you can still smell it a little bit, which personally I like. The finish claims to be 'satin' which I think definitely fits it. It's a nice, pigmented consistency, but I find that the staying power of this isn't too great. It won't last through a meal or a drink for example! But because of the colour / texture / smell I am willing to forgive it. Also for some weird psychological reason, I really like the name 'man trap'. It makes me feel empowered! Haha. I really love what I carry round in my little make up bag at the moment.

Today has been very productive, I have spent it working on my final project and my dissertation. I have also very excitedly just bought the domain name '' which I'm very excited about. I am known for my photography as 'Jas Poole' but I have never really felt like it reflects me as a photographer very well. It's definitely time for a name change I think. After this blog post, my plans are just to sit, eat, read my book and watch the new series of waterloo road (eeeee!). 

How are you all doing? What would you like me to post about tomorrow?

Waterloo Road (soon!)
  Listening: Frozen Soundtrack
 Reading: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
 Looking Forward To: Sherlock Ep 2, starting my next project!
 Feeling: Tired and stressed out


  1. Hey Jas, lovely lipstick colour! I'm never brave enough to wear red lips but I do love them all the same. Congratulations on your domain name as well! I really am jealous of your name...and your photography :D I hope you feel a little less tired and stressed soon!

    Love, Lou xx

    1. Ooooh you should try it. Red lipstick feels so liberating in a weird way. I love it. Thankyou! xo

  2. The colour is so beautiful! It's a shame it's not more long lasting but I think I'd be happy to reapply such a pretty colour <3

    Jennie xo |

  3. Wow, such a gorgeous lipstick! It goes really well with your hair colour and eye makeup as well, you look so pretty in that picture :-*

    1. Thankyou! I've become a real fan of pale gold eyes and red lips. It's my new staple. x