Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's So Exciting!

Yesterday Jack and I made white chocolate cookies <3
Helloooo *bows head in shame* I am very sorry for not keeping up with Bloguary. I'm annoyed that I missed so many posts, just trust me when I say that I have been very busy. 

Dissertation - I currently have an 8,000 word, fully referenced essay. I just need to bump that up to 9,000 words then get it printed and bound. I am so close to finishing that it's painful, but I just can't seem to motivate myself to do the final push. Come on, Jasmine. You can do it. It's so close, and I have done so well to write it.

Moving House! - Okay, so it's way too early to get excited about it yet. But at some point this year when I have graduated from university and have a job - I will be moving! It is definitely the year. All the commissions I am doing at the moment are going straight into the 'house fund'. Woohoo!

A Photography Project - A mysterious and secret one. Muahahahaha. 

Blog Design! - Oooooh yes :) I am now offering blog design for £5. It probably won't be that price for too long, but just while I am setting things up and starting out, make the most of it being that price. I have recently designed Katy's Bread and Beauty blog - go check it out, it's a great blog!

 YOGSCAST Diversity series.
  Listening: If You Wait - London Grammar
 Reading: I Capture the Castle - Dodie Smith
 Looking Forward To: Moving house, finishing this dissertation.
 Feeling: Tired but content


  1. Come on Jas! Get that Dissertation written - you can do it! I am so excited to hear you will be moving house :D Best of luck finding a great place! That blog design is ever so tempting (considering my lack of wizzy techno skills) I am going to have to find out more from you about that...

    Love, Lou xx

  2. Haha well at least you are almost there! I have successfully written and turned in my 2 papers. Still have to do one and of course put together a lecture for Wednesday. But I am too lazy >_< Yesterday I just was the laziest person ever... but at least I redesigned my blog.

    Moving is always so exciting, especially if you are moving for better things ;) I can't wait to see your future new home. And those cookies look yum, although right now I try to stir away from sweets.


    Colette | Skattered Notes