Sunday, 12 January 2014

Glow All Out Review - Bloguary #12

This product I bought as my 'treat' for myself when student loan came in. I wanted something that would make my skin look really radiant, and something that I could use as a highlighter. too. I saw that quite a lot of beauty youtubers had recommended this, so I decided 'what the hell' and gave it a try. 

The packaging is gorgeous - I love all soap and glory packaging. There's just the right amount of quality, vintage, strong females and beauty all in one little package. The packaging for this is a clamshell shape and design made out of really durable coated cardboard. It is held together by magnets that are strong enough so that it wouldn't bother me if it was loose in my bag. You definitely just feel glamorous using it! Inside there is a pretty decent mirror, and the 'Soap and Glory' logo is embossed in the product which looks beautiful.

The product itself is a very light pink/peach colour. It is mostly a highlighter, but for me I find that I don't have to wear blush with it if I don't fancy it as it does have that very subtle pinkish colour. It's a very shiny product - but in a good way. The consistency is just like that of a smooth powder so it's not a case of having huge glitter particles all over your face. It can be applied with a brush or fingers - both work pretty well for me. 

It does stay on pretty well as it is a powder, but I noticed my boyfriend had a stripe of this up the side of his cheek yesterday which had obviously just rubbed off when I hugged him. Woopsie.

Overall I really do long this product and I would definitely recommend it to a friend of mine. There's an offer on in Boots at the moment on all Soap and Glory which gives you a buy one get one half price offer. Ooooooooh yes <3

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  1. loveeeeeeee this too! you should check out this (soap and glory powder trip) as it comes with glow all out, solar powder, love at first blush and an ickle brush so you can try out two others, i say try I'm pretty sure they are all full size for a tenner!

    1. Oh wow :O Definitely getting that. Thankyou. x

  2. The color looks lovely and peachy, perfect for Spring :o). Xx

    Makeup by Candlelight

  3. Such a pretty peachy colour, I've never used soap and glory make-up before sounds so nice though!

    MyLushBox | YouTube


  4. It sucks that we don't have a lot of Soap and Glory products where I live, but this product looks amazing ^.^
    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish