Thursday, 16 January 2014

Cutting My Hair Short! - Bloguary #16

Helloooo! I do hope that everyone is well. A few days before new year I took the plunge and got my waist-length hair cut to just above my shoulders. It was something I had been pondering about for quite a while, but eventually it just got the point where there was just no point in keeping it long anymore. I know that that is a weird thing to say, but seriously, there was no point. The reason I had long hair was because I wanted my hair to look nice long, and it just got to the stage where it was so unmanageable that it never ever looked nice, and I was always just tying it up and trying to forget about it. Now, I can imagine that everyone's hair gets tangly once in a while, but the matts in my hair just got completely out of hand, there was almost just no getting through them. Even when I went to the hairdresser to get it cut, it would take them a good half an hour just to push the tangles down to where they could comfortably cut them off. Seriously - I was just completely sick of it!

Since having it cut, it just feels so, SO good. My hair not only feels a whole lot healthier, but it has no tangles at all and it looks a whole lot thicker. Washing it has become so super easy - where before I would put off showering / washing my hair, now I would happily do it ten times a day because it's just so nice to do. It has made me love my hair again and want to style it and look after it, whereas before I think I just started to resent it. I think this hair cut makes me look a bit classier / fashionable to, which is a definite bonus! I suppose the main point of this blog post is just to say - don't hold on to your long hair if you are not 100% happy with it. It will always grow back, and you might just benefit a hell of a lot from the change! I do not regret it for a second.


Feeling a bit better today. Well, It's now 7:00pm and I'm up and about on the computer - a definite improvement! Let's hope I wake up in the morning feeling all sparkly and new, because I hate being ill. It always makes me so anxious, and that is something I'm actively trying to avoid at the moment. I will make this year the year of change, and the year of success. I've done pretty well in January so far!

Sherlock Season 3
  Listening: Clarity - Zedd
 Reading: Nothing! I need a book.
 Looking Forward To: Seeing friends at the weekend, buying clothes, moving house!
 Feeling: On the mend :) Happy, happy, happy!!


  1. It looks amazing, perfect length for you <3

    Jennie xo |

  2. Lovely length - although I always like your hair no matter what style:P But I totally understand why you would chose to cut it, I too am really considering it! This has encouraged me, thanks :)

    Love, Lou xx

  3. Like I said before, I really like your new hairstyle, even if both styles look nice on you. Is it possible that the reason you had so much trouble with your long hair, is that maybe you did not use organic shampoos and you did not comb it the right way? I used to have a LOT of problems with my hair before, and was dreading dealing with it too. But then my best friend introduced me to the Parabens and Sulfate free shampoos (AVEDA, CHI shampoo/conditioner...) and I learned how to properly comb my hair. Since then I love my hair, it is longer than it has ever been and I do not fear tangles and love to wash it as often as is recommended. But in any cases, a change of looks is always good, it is like starting from fresh :D


    Colette | Skattered Notes