Monday, 6 January 2014

Buying Beauty on a Small Budget is Tough - Bloguary #6

It is no secret that I am on a tight budget at the moment. I cannot recall how many times I have ranted and raved on here about all of the products that I really want to buy but really cannot justify on my current budget. You can throw all the 'you need to get a job, stop complaining' words at me you like - until the end of April I am dedicating myself wholly to my dissertation and my final photographic project. I am not a lazy person, at the moment those are my main priorities. Also with living between two houses, holding down any kind of shift work is near-on impossible. This will all change soon when I can work full time *cheers excitedly*. BUT, back to the point, buying beauty products is tough because they are not necessarily 'essential'.

I own more than enough products to be able to do most makeup looks that I'm after. I look at reviews of all the products I buy before hand to make sure that they will go with my skin tone / skin type, lifestyle etc. so the products that I do have I do love, and I do cherish. But I do not want to feel guilty if I buy something beauty-related, which I sometimes do. I think that extra luxuries like products from Nars, MAC, Urban Decay etc. are the first things to go when your money priorities lie elsewhere.

What is working for me pretty well at the moment, is having one of each item (mascara, concealer, foundation) that works for me, and only repurchasing it or from a different brand once I have used it all up. It does work. I still have the products that I love, but I just don't get a whole lot of choice. And that is more than fine by me. 

Tips for Beauty-On-A-Budget:
  1. Have one staple of: mascara, foundation, concealer, powder, lip balm, blush, bronzer. Don't buy others if it's not used up or unusable for another reason.
  2. Prepare to spend money on: foundation. Spend less money on: mascara, concealer, lip balm.
  3. Keep your makeup organised so that you know what you have.
  4. When buying eyeshadow, opt for a neutrals palette that can be used for lots of different things.
  5. For luxury skin care (face masks, body scrubs etc.) try homemade versions made from honey, oats, brown sugar and oil. They work a treat.
  6. Watch beauty youtubers / read beauty blogs to find out what works with your skin.
  7. Be patient! It won't be like this forever.
  8. Be confident, happy and smile.
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For those other people who live in England, I hope you're day has not been dampened too much by last night's storms! I was out in them at 7:00am this morning battling my way to university. My first day back is going pretty well. I have spent the whole day in the library researching my new project and making the most of having really good printers. I'm feeling very motivated for university, and have been very happy in myself for the past week - win!

Sherlock was pretty damn awesome last night. I do feel like this series is not focusing on the crime solving enough, but for me that's totally fine. I love the relationship between John and Sherlock so much, and Sherlock is just the cutest character in the world. I'm looking forward to the last episode next Sunday, although I really wish that the series was longer. We had better find out exactly how Sherlock survived the fall or else I will be mad.

Jas xo

 Watching: Sherlock Season 3
  Listening: Hey Now - London Grammar
 Reading: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
 Looking Forward To: Sherlock Ep 3 & my uni project!
 Feeling: Happy


  1. I think it's important to stay on budget, but I think my problem is that I try to find the "perfect" product and end up spending all my cash.. :\
    But I'll try the first tip and see if that helps!

    Sierra Calah ♡ Berry Stylish  

    1. Oh I know - it's the endless problem! x

  2. Great post! I'm trying to save the most I can for my postgrad at the moment but I feel the urge to buy something to review it so often. Perhaps these tips will help me :)
    And agreed, Sherlock is a-ma-zing. I mean, honestly, how hot is Benedict, please? :D I can't decide if I like him or Matt Smith better, it always depends on what is on TV, haha. I hope we don't have to wait until 2020 or something like that until season 4 is done (I'm believing in season 4!).

    1. Ooooh post grad! Totally worth it. Gahhhhh, oh Benedict. I love thee.

  3. I definitely need to start watching Sherlock the way everyone raves about it! I'm also a uni student on a budget, especially since I am no longer employed, thanks for the tips! I find it soooo difficult to stay away from Mac when its basically on my doorstep though!! :) xx
    kooky capricious 

    1. Its so goooooood <3 Luckily the nearest MAC to me is about 1.5 hours away by bus so I'm usually quite safe unless I'm planning to buy something!

  4. Its quite hard to stay on budget even when you work. Their is all the time some thing that I want to go and get and being a beauty blogger does not make it easier, especially when your favorite bloggers have the item that you are lusting after!!

    1. Definitely not! We are constantly seeing amazing products and want them!