Saturday, 4 January 2014

Books, books, books - Bloguary #4

Helloooo! Today's post is another video (I'm on a roll this year!) but this time a book tag that focuses on your favourite opposite books. I had such fun filming this and choosing the books for it, looking back at all the books I have read pretty much over my entire life. I think this is the first video I have done where I have actively talked in it, so hopefully it is not too bad! At the moment I am reading The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - it's scary, and a bit depressing - but pretty damn awesome at the same time.

Today has been a pretty relaxed day, I slept in late and have been relaxing before uni begins on Monday. The calm before the storm. And on that note - England's weather has been horrendous with rain / floods / wind over the last few weeks and it's apparently meant to hit full force again tonight. Stay safe! Student loan came in today, one of the best days of the year by far is student loan day, so I can finally afford to buy all my supplies for uni, bus passes and maybe a few treats in there too. There may be a few hauls coming up soon!

I hope you like the video. Happy Saturday! <3 See you at 7:00pm tomorrow for day 5 :) (just before Sherlock again!)_=

Sherlock Season 3
  Listening: Late Registration (album) - Kanye West
 Reading: The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
 Looking Forward To: Sherlock Ep 2, starting my next project!
 Feeling: Tired but content

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  1. Ooh excited to watch this video later! Well done on posting another, you're braver than I am :D
    Best of luck with a new start a university tomorrow, own it Jas! XD

    Love, Lou x