Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Shoot at Sunset - Bloguary #9

Well helllllo there - I can't quite believe that it is day 9 of bloguary already. That time has gone fast. I'm actually really enjoying blogging everyday, it really feels like I am accomplishing something good.

Today I did my first shoot for my final major project at university. These images probably will not be my finals, but will give me good practise for what I've got coming ahead. We drove down to a gorgeous park a couple of miles away, at sunset - the perfect golden hour. The sun was bright and the sky was clear - I swear to you it felt like Spring! I know we have a while yet, but it was really lovely shooting again, I miss it. I attempted to edit one of the photos when I got back - you can see it here - but eventually I just gave into tiredness and stopped. I will look at it with fresh eyes tomorrow! The image at the top of this page is something the view from where I was standing at the shoot, it was so gorgeous, I couldn't help but photograph it. In fact - everything I do at the moment seems to be photography based. As you may or may not know, I am studying photography at university, so I am super busy with all that, but I have also had a logo redesign, a new website, commission, and little random shoots like today. Awesome! I feel like my style is evolving into something new at the minute too.

Apologies for this post not being beauty / lifestyle related and being more of a diary form. Tomorrow I will be much more on the ball! Hope you are well.

Jas xo

Waterloo Road
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  1. Such a beautiful picture, I really love the photos you're posting here. I wish I could do what you are creating :)
    And yeah, the weather is so weird, if I didn't know it was the beginning of January I would swear it was March! There are bees and the first flowers showing up in our garden already!

    1. It feels like Spring again today! I have to admit that I LOVE this weather. If only I could have a lovely spring coat *wishes* x

  2. Gorgeous photography, you truly are so talented!

    Love, Lou x

  3. beautiful photo!