Thursday, 26 December 2013

My Christmas

Hello my lovelies! How nice to be back. I hope you have all had a pretty damn awesome Holiday season, whatever you are celebrating. This year was my first Christmas where I was not at home with my family, so it was a bit of a shake up to what I am usually used to.

It began on Boxing Day when me and Jack got a lift from my father over to his family house. We spent the day eating yummy food and chilling out (while Jack's wonderful mother worked very hard!). When the gingerbread was made and cooled, we started cutting out the patterns for the house we were creating - a new tradition for me! It's the most satisfying thing - sticking jelly tots onto the roof of a house. The house looked so great, and we were all really proud of it. Later in the afternoon we played a game of Cranium, where in teams you have to answer a question on general knowledge or spelling, act something out, or sculpt something out of clay. It was actually super fun - I love board games anyway! Especially with good people. Everyone at the table was very competitive, and eventually Jack and I won the game! Woohoo!

After a bit of yummy salami pasta dinner (despite being stuffed full of gingerbread and sweeties) we all eventually settled down on the sofas in front of the television to watch the Christmas Eve movie - Despicable Me 2! It's a wonderful, funny, feel good film which definitely made me relax and enjoy myself. Then it was time for bed, and to wait for the arrival of Santa.

As has been the tradition since I was 4 years old, the night before Christmas was a sleepless one. I just get so excited about the activities of the day and the presents that my brain is buzzing and no matter how much I try I just cannot go to sleep! I was going to wait until about 7:00am, but at 5:50am I woke up Jack and he was nice about it even though he definitely did not want to get up (thankyou to Jack!). A short while later we discovered the santa stockings in the room! I had two! Which was such a surprise. Jack's mum was too kind to me. After ransacking the stockings we discovered we had accidentally woken up some people in the family, so we chilled out with our stocking booty until everyone else in the house woke up. You just have to wake up early on Christmas, right?!

The day was pretty relaxed for us really. At 11:30am we started to open the presents underneath the tree. I got some pretty awesome things, which I was really not expecting (I will post a haul post in the next couple of days!) but my favourites have to be a beautiful silver charm of a bee on a chain from Jack and my dad got me.... an iPad Mini! Gah! What?! I was thoroughly spoilt by everyone, and after this post I will start to write my thank you letters. 

Christmas dinner was yummy - Turkey, ham, pigs in blankets, potatoes, veg and Yorkshire puddings. Not to mention the trifle after. Christmas food is so good, it always makes me wonder why we don't just make it at other times of the year. Maybe I will, I will break this tradition this summer!

In the evening we played a game with everyone in the family of 'Scene It' which turned out to be a whole lot harder than we thought it would be. It was a great way to wind down the evening, and send us all off to bed. That night I slept like a baby, and made up for all the lost sleep the night before.

I came back home this afternoon, and I have already spent my Christmas money online by buying the latest SimCity. I have to admit that I am already regretting it slightly, as I've stopped playing it after about half an hour and now I am thinking of all the wonderful things I could have bought for that much money. Ah well. I will definitely get my money's worth! Now I am just relaxing at home, watching The Wizard of Oz on TV and looking up some recipes to make on New Years Eve when me and Jack have the evening together. Eeeee!

Upcoming posts: Christmas Haul, December Favourites, New Years Eve Recipes, Food for Energy, New Years Resolutions, Going One Month Without Foundation

 Watching: The Wizard of Oz
  Listening: Frozen Soundtrack
 Looking Forward To: New Years Eve and Sherlock Series 3
 Feeling: Happy


  1. That gingerbread house is soo beautiful! I always wanted to make one, but never did. Looks like you had a very nice Christmas with Jack's family :D My Christmas was good too, I might write a more detailed post on that matter - if I don't feel too lazy. But I am looking forward to your upcoming posts on the blog!


    Colette |Skattered Notes

  2. I am so glad you have a good Christmas Jas, your truly deserve it! I hope that you got everything your heart desired and that you will have a good end to 2013 (can you believe it's over already?!)
    Love, Lou xx

    P.S. Are you as excited about the new Sherlock series as I am?!

  3. I love the gingerbread house! Your Christmas sounded great :D