Thursday, 5 December 2013

Lip Balms from The Body Shop

Being in town the other day, I sneakily went into The Body Shop to have a look around and maybe buy some little Christmas presents for people. I love the look of all the products in there, and they all smell delicious too. As a poor student, I don't have too much money at the moment. I spotted these cute little lip balms for £4 each, and as a bonus they where 3 for 2. I bought the vanilla and cranberry ones for myself, and the ginger one as a little gift for one of my friends. I just could not resist them! I was really looking forward to giving them a try.

The design is really nice! Its kind of like the EOS lip balms in that the lip balm part is wide, so it's super easy to apply. You don't have to worry about smooshing it all in the lid by accident, and the lid is really secure.

Now, I have tried the cranberry and vanilla ones and I have to say that my experience with them both has been very different. I tried the vanilla one first. I was really dissapointed with the smell (it smells a bit like plasticine, not vanilla at all) and the consistency is not very nice. It feels like a horrid plastic, and it's really gritty. I mean, it's okay, but definitely not worth the £4 I paid for it. It's not very moisturising at all, and it tastes horrible. I still like it, but it's so not worth the money.

The cranberry one was a slightly different story. Firstly - it smells really nice! A really nice citrus berry smell. The product is a lot less gritty, much smoother, and also has the added benefit of being slightly tinted so that it gives a nice subtle blush to the lips. It's still not too moisturising, and is pretty similar to the vanilla one, but it's a lot better.

As for the ginger one, I'm giving it to my friend this weekend, but I am sure it will be more like the cranberry than the vanilla!

Overall, I'm glad that I have tried this but only because I can now stop lusting after them! They are not too great - you can find much, much better lipbalms for a much cheaper price. They just don't have The Body Shop on the top!

Jas xo


  1. Cute little things, aren't they?! I'd be quite interested in trying the ginger one :O). Xx

    1. Ooooh if you do please let me know what it is like!

  2. The cranberry one sounds really lovely! The packaging is super cute, I'll have to pick one up I think!

    Jennie xo |

    1. It is actually really nice!! The packaging is possible my favourite thing. x

  3. I got my sister one of these the other day and shes loved it!

  4. Such a shame, I hate it when products you want to so badly don't turn out as you imagined them to be. :-/