Saturday, 28 December 2013

December Favourites - Beauty & Entertainment

(Also - I got about 6 inches cut off my hair today! I adore it, I really do. More on that soon.)
Monu Illuminating Primer SPF 15
This month I have been going without foundation, and this has been my saving grace. I got this in a glossybox a while ago, and its only now that I'm seeing how much I like it. When put on clean skin it makes my skin smooth and appear less red. It definitely evens out my skin tone. The SPF 15 is great. I will be sad when it goes as I only have a small bottle of it.

Revlon Colorstay  - Addictive Intoxiquant
I've owned this for a long time, but this month I have got back into my eye palettes. I love this because it's a nice neutral palette that can be really handy to carry around with you.

Urban Decay - Smog
A while ago I won the Urban Decay Peacock palette, and this month I have been using the shade 'Smog' a lot. I then found out afterwards that it was MissBudgetBeauty's all time favourite eye shadow. Win! 

Trevor Sorbie Beautiful Volume Thickening Leave-In Conditioner
I god send, I'm so glad I own this now. It just adds a bit of extra smoothness, and with my hair that's just what it needs. I find it also works a lot better if you blow dry your hair afterwards.

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer
Again, this month I've gone without foundation. This concealer does a great job at concealing and highlighting at the same time. Although the coverage is quite good, I would suggest using it with another high coverage concealer.

Hair Plaits
I first put my hair in one or two plaits during the day just because my hair was being so unruly that that was the only way to keep it under control. I then kind of fell in love with it. A while after I saw the new disney film Frozen where they all have beautiful plaits in their hair so I now wear them all the time. I am still yet to master the fishtail plait though... (now my hair is gone I will have to experiment!)!

GAH I love Minecraft, and I think that I love the yogscast even more than that. They do really funny build videos and all the cast members are so funny and lovely. I think you would like it even if you weren't a big fan of the game. Sjin is my favourite member, followed shortly by Simon (honeydew). I've been loving this one.

My favourite Disney film ever now. Everything about it is absolutely perfect, and I have been listening to the soundtrack non-stop since I saw it for Jack's birthday. Oh man, I cannot even tell you how much I love it.

What are your favourites? I'm looking for new tv series to watch!

Fleur De Force Vlogmas
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 Looking Forward To: New Years Eve and 2014
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  1. Great favorites, I've yet to see Frozen but I'm gonna watch it this weekend! Hopefully it's really good :)
    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

  2. I like what I see :D The picture is great and as far as I can judge it from that picture, that shorter hair suits you so well!