Wednesday, 16 October 2013

researching like an art student

I just decided to try and watch the TV series "American Horror Story" on Fleur De Force's request, and now I am really regretting it! She said on her vlog that it was not very scary, and I am now really on edge after just watching one episode. I am just CREEPED out, and it covered all the issues in the world that scare me most so I am most definitely not going to go back to that... ever. I'm now watching The House Bunny because its light and funny, and will hopefully counter all the jitters I am currently feeling from being so scared.

Today I visited the D Day museum in Portsmouth with a friend, and I really feel like I am so much more into my photography project on the world war two land girls. There was a young woman working at the museum who went out of her way to help me, to inform me, and to give me the contact details of people who would really be able to help me. She also suggested that we check out the history archives in the city library while we where there which was also really helpful. I have never been a person who is into history. Well... I adore learning about the people in history, about mythology and the different ways that they lived. What I don't enjoy is all the archiving, war strategy and learning about Kings. Therefore, it was really interesting to be shown around the archives today. Everything seems more real now - I think the girls in the war all seemed like some sort of elaborate story to me even though I knew that is was real. But today I was really able to put myself into the past and experience it - and that is what I have been missing. Everything is coming together for this project, slowly but surely. I have a month or two until my deadline so I now just need to get working, and perfect it even more.


  1. Jas you must share your project on WW2 land girls with me! I adored learning about the subject when I was younger (of course I didn't like all the horrors or destruction). I remember going to my library and spending hours reading the books about the war and I loved coming up with a story behind each black and white picture! I particularly like the land girls and what they did nowadays (I used to love the thought of being an evacuee when I was younger which seems quite harsh really...) since I've become more of a believer in strong, independent women.
    Anyway, I hope to see some more of this project if your willing to share it with us all!
    Love, Lou xx

  2. Ooooh I will do don't you worry :D My deadline is in the first week of December, so expect a FULL post about it around then. I know what you mean about wanting to be an evacuee! I did too. My GCSE drama performance was based on children in the war too.... and we made that up ourselves!

  3. I'm really curious about your project :D And I agree, history is much more fascinating if it's made real. Learning about important personalities is all well but it's the stories of normal people that get me, for example when my grandmother is telling me about her youth during WW2. I could listen to her for hours on end.