Saturday, 19 October 2013

my new love - crochet!

How is everyone on this rather gloomy October weekend? I have been inside the house pretty much all day today. Jack came over this morning, and is really quite ill with a bad cold. He spent a good portion of the day sleeping, while I was catching up on some youtube videos and doing some uni work :)

The MAIN point of this post, really, is to express my new found love of crochet. I first started the very basic crochet stitch a few years ago, but I never ventured outside of it because I just didn't know what to do. Following a pattern would have been way out of my league - I didn't even know their where other kinds of stitch! I have tried knitting too, but I just seem to 'get' crochet more, I think it's a lot simpler and a lot less fiddly. I also love the result you get just with basic stitches. The first time I ventured into something new was when Jack's mum bought a craft magazine, and it had a really basic way of making a little teddy bear. I actually followed a pattern online to make my teddy - it was really simple. The only thing I needed to learn was how to add stitches and take them away. Once I had that down, I was well on my way to success.

Do you know how I did that? Youtube videos. The amount of amazing crochet how-to videos on youtube is astounding, and they make it wonderfully simple to follow. I can not crochet probably at an intermediate level, and I'm searching around for more challenging patterns to follow. Jack's mum, Lorna, found a pattern on youtube called the 'wool eater' pattern, also known as 'Catherine wheel's' pattern. I have watched how it has started to make the most gorgeous blanket, but it always looked so complicated to do.

I decided to give it a try last night, and seeing as I'm working with relatively thin wool (4mm crochet hook) and I do not have a proper light in my room, the fiddly bits where quite tricky to get right. But I can now say that I've made a good start on it, and It's starting to look pretty damn good. It's the most satisfying stitch I have ever tried. I cannot wait till I can get some new different colours and textures of wool to try with it, but as it is called the 'wool eater' because of how much wool it takes up. It's a wonderful stitch though, and it's the perfect thing to take you from beginners to intermediate crocheting.

The stitch was created by Sarah London, and I watched a tutorial here.

I think for this evening I just need to get a load of housework done, and tidy up my clothes because I seriously need to organise my clothes and make it so there is not a giant pile of clothes on the landing. I am procrastinating by watching Hairspray, writing this and crocheting. It's just so dark and gloomy here that I'm having trouble moving enough to do it!

My wool eater blanket so far...


  1. wow i always want to learn it *.* but i'm not capable at all -.-" would you like to follow each other ?

  2. followed.. waiting for u to follow back.

  3. wow you have a real skill there! Amazing :)

    Leyla xx

  4. Wait.. so there's other types of crocheting then just the basic? Lol, I've always assumed there was just one but now that you have pointed out that there's more I might pick back up with my crocheting. By the way your skills are amazing and I hope Jack gets better soon :)

    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish