Wednesday, 2 October 2013

i found a little miracle

Oh hello there picture of me working in the library XD Okay, so I'm slightly bored and slightly hungry. Jack is working on something next to me, and I'm just waiting for half an hour until we can go and get lunch in Cafe Rouge - one of the yummiest places ever.

On the way to university this morning I was feeling a little bit sad. Although I am making huge leaps with this anxiety, it is still fairly slow progress. Slowly by surely, and this morning it just made me a feel a bit rubbish. And then a small little miracle happened. I was walking past statue of a lion embracing a lamb - a statue I have walked past many times - and there was a little book nestled in the lion's paws. At first I assumed that someone had left it behind, but it had a sign on it saying 'I am not lost! I am just travelling!'. Looking into it further I realised that the book was meant to be found, read, enjoyed, and then left in another random place to be read by someone else. It totally brightened my day, and I'm now in possession of a new book to read, which I've been struggling to find a decent one for ages.

There was one more little miracle though. The current photography project I'm working on is exploring the women left behind in world war two, and their contribution to our country. This book just happens t be be about just that - it's the story of a young lady whose new husband goes to war and leaves her alone and pregnant to fend for herself. I can't think of anything more perfect.

On the website it lets you release your own book into the wild too. You can track where books have been and some of them fly all over the world with people.

I would like to thank whoever left this book on that statue. Thankyou so much!

Jas xo
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  1. I actually have heard of this project and thought it was awesome. Unfortunately I have not come across one of those books. This book looks very interesting :D And I am glad it brightened your day - we all need a little miracle from time to time ;)


    Colette @ Established In The Tropics

  2. I've never actually heard of it before, so it just made me so happy as it was a surprise, Reading it already :D I hope you find one soon!

  3. That is so cool! I've heard of those kind of projects before but I was never able to get my hand on one. Anyways, I don't think I could leave a book behind anyways, my books are my friends and it would break my heart to leave one behind (me=creepy and possessive book nerd). But it's amazing to see how they travel around the world, bringing people joy :)


  4. This sounds fantastic! I need to investigate more into this, thank you for sharing!
    I ADORE your new blog design OH MY GOODNESS it is so pretty! You should be a blog designer for people like me who haven't the faintest clue what they are doing techno-wise, ha ha!

    Love, Lou xx