Saturday, 5 October 2013

diaries: photographic field trips

Hello lovely world. First off, thankyou for people's lovely comments on my new blog design. I'm just never quite satisfied with how it looks, it's probably the designer in me. But I like it at the moment, it's more how I've been wanting it to look. I thought I would upload just a few pictures from this week, as I have been totally pining over photography recently. Although I am studying photography full time, my current project involves retouching old photographs so there has not been a camera in my hand. Also, since upgrading to my gorgeous Canon 6D, I have found myself not wanting to take it out with me because I know that it is worth so much money and is a really good camera. I just kind of want to keep it in its large protective case and only use it when I have a job. Which sucks, actually, because I really love it. BUT I have looked into super insurance for it, and although nothing is finalised yet I am becoming more daring at taking it places where I feel safe. I miss being able to document all aspects of my life photographically.

Above is an image of one of Jack's little kitties called Agnes. She is a troublemaker who likes to bring in pigeons and run about a lot, but she is absolutely gorgeous - and still pretty small by kitty standards. Below is my big cat Rory who is just gorgeous, I adore his little face and especially his bright green eyes.

I did take my camera out once when I went on a little walk a few days ago. I was planning to photograph the woodlands as all the leaves where changing colour for autumn, but the trees round here are taking their time to change at the moment. There are a handful of them that look absolutely gorgeous at the moment, but it's one that's changing for every twenty that are staying green for the time being. Soon though I need to go and photograph up the woods. I remember last year just as the trees where starting to change we had a very windy day that just pretty much wiped all the trees of any leaves at all. I think it's my favourite thing about autumn. Along with snuggling in pyjamas and the cold rainy weather! I did take this little picture though. Just a few small leaves had fallen, and I wanted to capture it as it symbolised the start of the season for me. It's getting there, little world.

I stayed at Jack's house on Thursday night so I could get to the dentist early the next morning and we spent most of the evening drawing pictures around the kitchen table. I'm not really a strong drawer, I am a much better photographer, but sometimes I suppose it could be a bit therapeutic. Especially when the cats like to come and join you for a hug every now and then (Agnes!).

I am not a huge fan of the dentist. After a horrible night sleep we woke up at 7:00am ish so we could be up in time, but we still managed to be late by about 10 minutes. I am never late, ever, I cannot remember the last time I was late to something as I cam always running about 30 minutes earlier than I have to be. It was slight progress as I went and had to fillings (injections and all) on my own without Jack being in the same room. It was not pleasant, at all really, but I did it and that is the main thing! Afterwards we got the bus home to my house and went on a sporadic bus trip into town to pre-order the latest Pokemon X&Y game. Under one week to go and I am so super excited!!

We could only stay in town for about 45 minutes before we had to get the bus home again (I said it was sporadic) and then I left to babysit pretty much straight after. It was a wonderful night babysitting! I was there about 7 hours which would usually feel like a really long time, but it went really fast. The children I was babysitting for liked the same things that I did so we had good fun most of the evening. The main thing though was that I went pretty much the whole time (being on my own) without any anxiety. It was lovely and refreshing to be able to socialise with new people and be absolutely fine. It was wonderful. I thought I had completely cracked it last night, and I was a new person and could understand myself so much better.

That was until this morning, when I woke up pretty anxious, and have been struggling all day. I had to cancel babysitting for tonight and I just want to cry just a little bit. I know that my hormone are not helping me at the moment, I always find that pre-menstrual Jasmine is often a anxious-and-crying Jasmine, but it is really not helping that I am on my own. I think I'd just like to feel some safety with people being close to me. I'm going to try and distract myself, because at the moment I feel so utterly awful!

One thing that has brightened my week, and today, is that I finally purchased a Yankee candle! For SO long now I have been wanting one. I even make an effort to go into Clintons every time I'm near just for the sole reason of smelling them. I just took the plunge and bought a small one, even though I was definitely eyeing up the medium sized one. The one I bought is 'Fireside Treats' which smells like toasted marshmallows with an ashy kind of smell to it too. I have been burning it every single day, and today especially it has been lit since this morning. It just smells wonderful, and makes me feel a slight niggleing of happiness whenever I see it.

I hope everyone is good and dandy. I am going to go and distract myself with a bath, some sims 3 and writing a blog post on choosing my new beauty wants and my search for a new foundation.
Jas xo


  1. Your cats are beautiful, little photo models. Mine refuses to cooperate and sit still long enough LOL. Xx

    1. Thankyou! Cat's are such natural models I find, you just have to wait until their having a little cat nap and you can catch them when they're waking up :)

  2. Beautiful photographs.

  3. such lovely photos, and I love the blog design, it really is unique!
    I hope you can check out my blog too, and let me know if you'd live to follow each other!


    Grace x

    my blog:

    1. Thanks very much Grace :) I will check out your blog too :)

  4. Lovely photos. You're quite talented!! Also, that Yankee candle is a great scent! Good choice :)
    Kallie @ But First, Coffee

    1. Thanks very much. I love this candle <3 x

  5. your blog design looks great.Love it!How did you do it?