Sunday, 13 October 2013

a good week and....... pokemon x!

Ahhh it's been a little while hasn't it. It feels like ages since I have written to my favourite place. This week has been a pretty damn good week. Nothing spectacular has happened, but after a a really horrible anxiety-fuelled last weekend, it's been lovely. I spend Monday and Tuesday in university. I love being in the library because I feel like it gives me some direction, and I adore being able to print whatever I want (paid for obviously), go on books, have completely internet access, and have every kind of creative programme for macs at my fingertips. It's one of my favourite places. I have been starting to doubt my current photography project quite a lot recently, so when I saw that I had a tutorial on Tuesday evening I was a bit worried about it. So far anxiety has stopped me from  going to all but one of my lectures, but I have managed to be in every single time I was needed, work really hard in the library and do everything that I need to do. I went to the tutorial though, and although I was very anxious - breathing and talking was hard work and I felt horrible - I got such positive feedback for my project that I really feel like I am on the right track. I'm excited about getting it started!

On Wednesday me and Jack went into town to buy his new 3DS ready for Pokemon X and Y at the weekend, and I did a bit of shopping and Christmas shopping. One person is bought for, I suppose that is better than none right!? I also bought a few little things for an MUA giveaway on the blog which is the post below this one. It was really exciting picking products for you guys - I wanted to get the foundation but obviously people's shades vary so I chose a really pretty palette that I love as well as a blush and a mascara that is one of my favourites ever. We then ate some lunch at Wetherspoons (yum) and ended up coming home relatively early to rest as we where both feeling a bit tired. 

For the rest of the week we just chilled out, worked on uni work, and I wrote some of my dissertation. We went into university again on the Friday, and then we heard some news - Pokemon X and Y was being released early in the UK by Game due to some errors with other companies posting the games out early! We calculated that we could easily get there in time (on 5 busus) and back to my house. That was until the second bus was 47 minutes late and left us standing outside in the pouring rain waiting for it. So, we missed all the connections and instead retired back to my house where we recovered from the rain and I developed a bit of a cold. Safe to say, with other things that happened, it was a pretty crappy afternoon! But we waited patiently for the next day to come.

At about 5am the next morning we were up very early because of random nightmares and whatever else. But it did mean that I could download Pokemon X pretty much straight away. I waited patiently as we then got the bus into town for Game to open and Jack got his physical copy too. We also met some awesome friends there and then we all went and had breakfast in Wetherspoons while we all started our new Pokemon adventure. It was such a good day eating and socialising with my favourite people - all the while playing such a brilliant new instalment of a game I have been playing for 14 years! In the afternoon I bought some paintbrushes for £0.99 (bargain) and then we came home and, yes, played a lot more Pokemon for pretty much the rest of the day.

Today we woke up and, yes, played Pokemon until midday, at which time we induced a Pokemon Ban until I had written some of my dissertation and Jack had finished his sketches for his uni project. All that being done, we back on Pokemon. Jack left about 4pm today, and I have spent the last couple of hours painting with some acrylics (it's all on my instagram!) and catching up on Strictly Come Dancing (I love it!).

I know beauty and Pokemon is a bit of a weird combination, but I just love them both so much.

Although - money is getting really, really tight now. I have just ordered Jack's birthday present for December which was quite a chunk of money, and I have pretty much used up my budget for October already and it's only the 13th of the month. GAH! I am looking to get a Saturday job, the first one I see I think I will jump at as much as I would love the chance to use it for university work. I DEFINITELY NEED TO STOP BUYING MAKE UP. I bought some things on Wednesday that I really did not really need. Also I NEED TO STOP GOING OUT FOR LUNCH. Until I get more work, anyways.

I hope everyone has had a good week :)

Jas xo

PS: Another library selfie up there at the top. My hair is tied up, not cut :D


  1. Library's are true bliss, I always feel so safe and relaxed among books. You really suit the hair short like in your picture! It looks really nice!
    I've been watching strictly come dancing as well, I think my favourite this year is Ashley but Marc and Dave are a hoot to watch as well!
    Glad to see you are feeling better, I had a terrible week last week. Full and secret tears and nerves, but I'm feeling a little better after a good relaxing weekend :)

    Love, Lou xx

    1. They are! I adore them, seriously. And thanks about the hair, I am so tempted to go shorter. I'm sure I will eventually aha

      Hope you are feeling better my lovely. It's horrible, know that I am always here!

  2. I understand your Pokemon obsession, I would LOVE to play it again, but the versions for my old gameboy have somehow vanished, I suspect my dad, and I don't see me buying a new one exclusively for Pokemon, as great as the new game sounds.
    Btw, you would look stunning with short hair! :O


    1. I know so many people that have bought 3DS's just for the new Pokemon game - that is how they make they're money! aha. If you can find them then I definitely recommend it. You can get a bit lost in it, so it's great as a distration.

      Aha thankyou! xo