Saturday, 26 October 2013

VLOG - A Week Away by the Sea

Tadddaa! Finally our holiday vlog is live! It's been sitting on my computer waiting to be uploaded for a long time now. It's also the very first vlog we have ever made, which is quite exciting. We hope you enjoy :)

Jas x

Saturday, 19 October 2013

my new love - crochet!

How is everyone on this rather gloomy October weekend? I have been inside the house pretty much all day today. Jack came over this morning, and is really quite ill with a bad cold. He spent a good portion of the day sleeping, while I was catching up on some youtube videos and doing some uni work :)

Friday, 18 October 2013

maybelline dream fresh bb cream

So after I heard that Wayne Goss loved this BB cream so much, I decided to just bite the bullet and buy it as I've never tried one before. I've always been a bit wary of using a BB cream for two reasons 1. my skin usually likes a thick moisturiser and 2. I like the comfort of having a foundation with quite good coverage as I can get redness on my skin. But here goes.

When I first used it, I was afraid that it was too dark for me. I have relatively pale skin, and I got the lightest shade that they do. But after a while, I  have got used to it and I think its only just the tinyest smidgen a bit dark for me - I can deal with that! 

The coverage this gives is pretty good. I will happily now only wear this, with no foundation, especially if it's just a day lazing around doing uni work. It does smooth out your skin well, and the added SPF30 is also a pretty good selling factor. I don't find that this moisturised very much. Is does say that it can be used with or without moisturiser, but if you have dry skin like me then I recommend that you use a moisturiser with it too. It is definitely a non greasy product. The packaging is small and handy, it feels sturdy so it's definitely okay to carry it around with you.

Overall I am pretty impressed with it. For people with dry skin, you would most likely need to use a bit of another moisturiser with it, but that's not too much of a problem for me.

I would really like to try some other BB creams - can anyone recommend any?


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

researching like an art student

I just decided to try and watch the TV series "American Horror Story" on Fleur De Force's request, and now I am really regretting it! She said on her vlog that it was not very scary, and I am now really on edge after just watching one episode. I am just CREEPED out, and it covered all the issues in the world that scare me most so I am most definitely not going to go back to that... ever. I'm now watching The House Bunny because its light and funny, and will hopefully counter all the jitters I am currently feeling from being so scared.

Today I visited the D Day museum in Portsmouth with a friend, and I really feel like I am so much more into my photography project on the world war two land girls. There was a young woman working at the museum who went out of her way to help me, to inform me, and to give me the contact details of people who would really be able to help me. She also suggested that we check out the history archives in the city library while we where there which was also really helpful. I have never been a person who is into history. Well... I adore learning about the people in history, about mythology and the different ways that they lived. What I don't enjoy is all the archiving, war strategy and learning about Kings. Therefore, it was really interesting to be shown around the archives today. Everything seems more real now - I think the girls in the war all seemed like some sort of elaborate story to me even though I knew that is was real. But today I was really able to put myself into the past and experience it - and that is what I have been missing. Everything is coming together for this project, slowly but surely. I have a month or two until my deadline so I now just need to get working, and perfect it even more.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

a good week and....... pokemon x!

Ahhh it's been a little while hasn't it. It feels like ages since I have written to my favourite place. This week has been a pretty damn good week. Nothing spectacular has happened, but after a a really horrible anxiety-fuelled last weekend, it's been lovely. I spend Monday and Tuesday in university. I love being in the library because I feel like it gives me some direction, and I adore being able to print whatever I want (paid for obviously), go on books, have completely internet access, and have every kind of creative programme for macs at my fingertips. It's one of my favourite places. I have been starting to doubt my current photography project quite a lot recently, so when I saw that I had a tutorial on Tuesday evening I was a bit worried about it. So far anxiety has stopped me from  going to all but one of my lectures, but I have managed to be in every single time I was needed, work really hard in the library and do everything that I need to do. I went to the tutorial though, and although I was very anxious - breathing and talking was hard work and I felt horrible - I got such positive feedback for my project that I really feel like I am on the right track. I'm excited about getting it started!

Monday, 7 October 2013

photo: autumn sun

A beautiful Rolls Royce I walk past nearly every single day. It's so pretty in the autumn when it is covered in leaves.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

highstreet foundation searching!

Oh hi slightly gormless expression. There is only one draw back I can see of purchasing a high end foundation as a treat, and that drawback is that when it finishes and you are still poor you just cannot justify buying it again now that you know that Christmas is just around the corner. The foundation I am talking about is MAC ProLongwear foundation. I went through a stage where I was not impressed with it, but when I learnt day by day how to make it look flawless I am now totally head over heels with it. At the same time though, I would just like to try something new. I am looking for a medium coverage foundation from the high street that will not cake on my slightly dry skin. Ever since trying MAC's foundation I have also noticed breakouts on my chin which where never there before so I am really interested to try a new formula.

Saturday, 5 October 2013

diaries: photographic field trips

Hello lovely world. First off, thankyou for people's lovely comments on my new blog design. I'm just never quite satisfied with how it looks, it's probably the designer in me. But I like it at the moment, it's more how I've been wanting it to look. I thought I would upload just a few pictures from this week, as I have been totally pining over photography recently. Although I am studying photography full time, my current project involves retouching old photographs so there has not been a camera in my hand. Also, since upgrading to my gorgeous Canon 6D, I have found myself not wanting to take it out with me because I know that it is worth so much money and is a really good camera. I just kind of want to keep it in its large protective case and only use it when I have a job. Which sucks, actually, because I really love it. BUT I have looked into super insurance for it, and although nothing is finalised yet I am becoming more daring at taking it places where I feel safe. I miss being able to document all aspects of my life photographically.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

favourite things in september

September has been a funny old month. It's been pretty good, but very transitional too. It's had really great moment where I'm making huge leaps forward, and also some harder moments when things have been pretty tough. The things in this post, however, have helped me make the best of this month. I have honestly love everything single one.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

i found a little miracle

Oh hello there picture of me working in the library XD Okay, so I'm slightly bored and slightly hungry. Jack is working on something next to me, and I'm just waiting for half an hour until we can go and get lunch in Cafe Rouge - one of the yummiest places ever.