Monday, 16 September 2013

In Shower Moisturiser, 'cause life is too short.

I will admit now, that never do I ever, EVER, moisturise my body. I will also admit that I have never used up a body lotion, never really liked one, and never enjoyed using one either. Gahhhh I just hate moisturising my arms and legs, it's such a chore. It's boring. It gets under your nails. It takes ages to dry. It is sticky and gross. I never notice a difference if I do anyway.

That is, until, I found this. New from Nivea, I knew immediately that I would really like it. After buying it I have fallen in love with it. It's a moisturiser that you use whilst in the shower or the bath. You use your normal shower gel first, do all your bath-y bits, then rub this onto all your skin before you get out, letting the water gently wash it away. It leaves your skin feeling a-mazing when you get out of the shower. Touchably amazing, and there's no rubbish waiting-for-it-to-dry phase, you just use it as another product while in the shower. When you first use it it feels a bit strange, the consistency of the product is pretty much the same as a regular body moisturiser and you feel a bit alien using it out of the shower. But, once you get over that, it's great. It smells like a general moisturiser would smell, nothing too fancy or special. The packaging feels like quite a cheap plastic, and definitely doesn't look high end or anything, but it does the job it needs to pretty well. Since buying this I have used it every single time I've had a bath or a shower and it has now just run out which is a bit milestone for me. I'm craving more though, and I'm really sad that it's all gone. As soon as student loan comes in next Monday I will be buying another one as this is most definitely an essential now.

But anyway, I really recommend it. It's wonderful. I'm not half expecting all other companies to jump on the bandwagon and bring these out, because it is just so convenient and wonderful.

Jas xo


  1. I have to admit, I don't like this at all. My mum has one of those and being curious as I am I tried it. I much much much prefer my body lotions or one particular oil that sinks into my skin in the blink of an eye because I didn't feel moisturised at all after using that one.
    I need to point out that where my face is oily the rest of my body is dry. My skin is drying out so fast, I really should use a body lotion every day, but I don't which is probably why this moisturiser is just not enough to do the job.


    1. It's definitely a light moisturiser, but for someone like me who just can't stand using regular moisturiser on my skin this is so perfect for me. Winter is coming (hehe) so it's a breath of fresh air for me. Glad to hear you've found something you like :) I suppose everyone's skin and opinions are different :)

  2. I have seen the commercials for this product but have yet to try it! I'm glad you are enjoying it: there is nothing worse than buying a product that in the end you cannot put to use.

    PS: I don't know why but Safari on Mac won't let me comment on your or any blogger blogs :( Had to use another browser xD


    Colette @ Established In The Tropics

  3. THANK YOU for this! I have needed a way to combat my laziness with moisturising and this is it:-D Thanks for sharing Jas.

    Love, Lou xx