Sunday, 8 September 2013

Holiday... Tomorrow!

Has anyone ever tried to keep a handwritten diary? I know for certain that I have tried probably once a year ever since I was about eight years old and never got further than about a month into it. I think the main reason I give up is because I look back at what I've written and I either don't like the handwriting or don't like the what I've written. I can't seem to get past that barrier. I love writing diary entries on my blog, although it does limit me to how much information I can disclose as people I know do follow me on here too. I think online its good to get a balance between personal feelings and informtaion about what you've done. It helps me not look back on my posts and dislike them, as they are honest but mostly positive. They are my memories.  But I like the idea of this blog being my diary, my journal, as well as everything else. 

Right now I am just counting down the days until we go back to university. It's my final year, and although I am nervous, and worried that my anxiety will make it harder, I am so ready to just get stuck into it and finish this god damn degree! I can't wait to either study more (probably not for a few years) or just get a full time job which will give me enough money to move out and start my life properly. I know this is what all my blog posts come down to eventually, but hey ho, it's a big thing for me at the moment! Soon, my pretty. Soon. 

Yesterday we went to a Pokemon meet up with a lot of our friends in Wetherspoons. Basically what this entails is eating yummy food, being with awesome people and playing various forms of Pokemon and other card games. We have been getting into the game Magic the Gathering this week, so me and Jack have been experimenting with a lot of bad decks and reading up on it. We are now the proud owners of Greek mythology decks - he controls the heroes and I control the beasts. They are epic battles. I think I definitely gain nerd points here don't I? Who cares. I love it. 

Tomorroowwwwww we are going on holiday! Huzzah! I'm very excited. It's a fairly cheap caravan holiday at a holiday park, but to me those are some of the best. Especially if its raining! We can do various activities like archery, water walking, and fencing, and then there will be fantastic cheesey entertainment in the evening along with Bingo and pub quizzes. It's right by the sea too. I think the plan is that we vlog it, but we will see. There will most definitely be a lot of pictures and blogs about it anyway. Just need to pack today and buy some food for the week and we are all set to go tomorrow morning. :) spending the week relaxing with Jack sounds like heaven right now. Yes. 

The books that I take on holiday are always one of the exciting bits for me. Reading on the beach / by the pool / in the accommodation is just so relaxing. The books I am taking are:

The Bone Season by Samantha Shannon
Paper Towns by John Green
Hetty Feather and Sapphire Battersea by Jaqueline Wilson

John Green novels, for me, always tend to change the way you think about life. They are not the kind of books you read evey day, but more evey now and again when you feel like you need a bit of an emotional epiphany. I'm really looking forward to Paper Towns as The Fault in Our Stars and Will Grayson, Will Grayson by John Green I adored and cried over. The Bone Season was really recommended by Carrie Hope Fletcher, plus I love fantasy and spirits and its kind of about clairvoyants and mediums so its right up my street. As for the Jaqueline Wilson books, I just love her stories so much, and I always have. They are simple to read but so full of warmth and hope that I will always keep reading them. Reading them is like someone giving you a hug full of hope. I've never read the Hetty Feather series either, so I'm excited!

I will be away from reading people's blogs this week :0( but I'm looking forward to catching up with the load when we get back Friday night :D

If you follow me on Instagram, I will be posting pictures of what were up to while we're on holiday! My username is 'therabbitwood'. 

Thankyou to everyone. 

Jasmine xo


  1. Hey Jas, have a wonderful time at Haven (if that is where you are going...) and I can't wait to perhaps see a post about it afterwards? Enjoy a well deserved break!

    Also, best of lucky with starting another Uni year, I hope that you have a fantastic and productive time!

    Love, Lou xx

  2. I think that it's amazing that you're finishing up college and trying your best with school even though you have anxiety attacks. For the longest time I have held off going to college because of my anxiety but 2014 I'm finally going to bite the bullet and face my fears. Do you have an advice for the first year? I want to live on campus but the thought freaks me out because I have really bad anxiety around people I don't know.


    -B ♡ MsBerryStylish 

    1. I am a bit worried, but when facing anxiety you have to face it head on even though it's really not very nice. I'm not sure on the advice, because I've never really been in that situation before, but I suppose just get in the mindset of 'I can do it, this is good for me, I enjoy it' and find things that will pick you back up into that if you ever slip off. Blogging may help XD People will not judge you as much as you think. But anyway - GOOD LUCK!!!!!!! Let me know how it goes, I'm always here :) xx