Saturday, 21 September 2013

An Interview with Lou at Bluebird ♥

Lou is one of the lovely people I have had the pleasure to meet through blogging. She owns a wonderful kind of beauty and lifestyle blog, and today we are each answering questions on each other's blogs! Make sure to go and check out her blog to see my answers. Everything is under the cut :)

Who are your top five beauty influences on the internet?
1)Louise Sprinkleofglitter  2) Zoella  as they are so very pretty and have excellent style!
3) Bubzbeauty as she got me into Beauty via YouTube and I can’t thank her enough for that!
4) Does nail art count as beauty? I’m going so say it does…Cutepolish!
5) Lauren Conrad, this is a recent addition but I love how she touches all aspects of beauty! 

If you where to get a takeaway, what cuisine would you get?
ITALIAN! I adore Italian food more than anything and dream of going there one day to experience the culture and eat genuine Italian foods.

Where did the name Bluebird come from?
I so wish I had a magical tale to tell about were my blog title came from, but alas I do not. I have simply always been a lover of Bluebirds, I admire their beauty, elegance and sweet nature. The picture they have in my mind shares what I want my blog to be like, pleasant, happy etc, etc, so it just seemed fitting!

What are the pros and cons of being an anonymous blogger?
Cons: It is difficult to take photographs of certain things without getting your face in, I feel restricted in how much I can interact with my beloved readers (that is the worst part), sadly I cannot share this amazing world with my family and friends.
Pros: I can speak freely and honestly without worrying, there isn’t the constant fear that someone I know will find out and think it is weird of me to do such a thing, I can still easily talk to my reader friends because they all are so accepting, I have a secure sense of privacy…I shall not bore you with more! But I love blogging and am so grateful that people accept that I keep myself private…for now!

If you could take an evening course on any subject in the world, what would it be?
Oh my this is tricky! A fantasy course that I have made up in my head is ‘Detectiveology’ in which I would learn how to be the most wonderful detective, like Sherlock Holmes (little girl aspirations die-hard). But realistically, I would really enjoy a photography course to help develop my skills (which are currently very few) and learn to edit better!

Would you rather be in a glass house in the rain reading a book or relaxing on a beach sipping a cocktail?
This is easy for me, I’ll take rain and a book any day! Previding the glass house is somewhere pretty and the book is good then that’s the place for me! But I wouldn't mind a bit of beach either…hmm, the book is still for me I think.

What liquid eyeliner do you recommend?
I am ashamed to say I don’t own one *everyone screams at me*. I know, I’m embarrassed, but I just don’t think I could handle the skill required to apply it…maybe I will get one soon and tell you then?

What beauty routine are you worst at?
Moisturising my legs/arms. Gosh it’s such a bore for me! I really wish I could just get sprayed with moisturiser, it would be so much easier…that’s just me being lazy I suppose. But I never skip out on moisturising my face!

Lipstick or lip balm?
Lip balm. I love the feeling of hydrated lips and I’m fortunate in that my lips are quite pigmented naturally (providing they are hydrated…). Carmex and Vaseline are my favourites!

Finally, beside blogging, what creative activity do you enjoy the most?
Well, at the moment I’m interior decorating and sketching out my interior ideas. But usually I’m painting badly, photographing or writing. Unless I’m feeling very adventurous and then my dear friend Pinterest helps me to find some crafts to try out!


  1. The interview looks really good! And thank you for being so lovely:) Thanks so much Jas, I've found this whole process really exciting! Your interview is now LIVE, yay!
    Find it here:

    Love, Lou xx

    1. Thanks Lou! I really enjoyed it too x

  2. I have just discovered you blog and love it! Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks very much :) best of luck with your blog x