Sunday, 15 September 2013

A holiday to the beach

Hey lovelies! It's been a while (a whole week!). I'm back from our little holiday and have written a bit about what we've been up to this week. Overall it was a great holiday, but guess what - I forgot all my skincare products (ALL OF THEM!) and only bought minimal makeup. Not too bothered about the make up, as I will happily go without it especially on holiday, but I have dry skin and no moisturiser for a week did not go down too well. We also vlogged this week for the first time ever, which was a bit shaky but good, so keep an eye out for that too. I can't wait to get back to regular blogging again, I have missed it sooooooo much.

I hope everyone is feeling okay and that you've had a great week :) Everything is under the cut!

Day 1
We arrived at the holiday park at around 1:30pm after a not particularly nice morning or night before. We were a bit early to get into our little house, so we had a bit of lunch at the restaurant - the Mash and Barrel. Jack, as usual, went for garlic bread and I chose a jacket potato with tuna. I miss those big ole potatoes since we don't have a microwave at home anymore. We decided to explore the arcades for a little bit and left with a grand total of 25 prize tickets which you can exchange for little prizes. There was even a George Forman Mino Grill if you managed to get 1,700 tickets. Otherwise it was things like sweets for 10 tickets each or a tiara for 300. Some of te arcade machines are pretty great, I love the Doodle Jump game, and the bowling one is really cheap and great to play with someone. Of course they also have the little 2p and 10p machines where you have to put the money in and hope it pushes more coins and prizes off the ledge. It rarely did, but it was fun. 

After that we were able to get into our mobile home for the week, and this is such a nice little house. Jack was carrying the heaviest of the luggage there which killed him ever so slightly. It's a lot bigger than expected and is so neatly designed for such a small place. My word, if we could
Move this house to university and live in it my problems would be over. 

We had bought these little little woodcraft construction kits for the holiday, where you pop out the parts then put them together to build a creature. I built a triceratops dinosaur and Jack built a butterfly. Tomorrow we may mix the two together and create a weird new creature out of them. 

By this time, about 6:00pm, we were both so tired from our bad night sleep that we just laid on the bed to read some books. Jack was reading Ravnica - City of Guilds which is a kind of spin off from the card game Magic the Gathering. It actually sounds really interesting. In the process though, somehow, my dear little kindle got smashed :( so RIP Wiggly Woo the 2nd who was a Kindle 3. I was reading John Green's 'Paper Towns' and I'm currently about half way in already. I always wait for a life changing moment when reading a John Green novel. Me and Jack joked that maybe I should start with Jaceline Wilson to ease myself into it before heading straight for the John Green as though they were drugs.... I think it was definitely a you-had-to-be-there moment. 

We were both a bit drained, so we went and bought bread, butter, tinned spaghetti and sweets from the little shop for dinner and enjoyed it emensely. While at the shop the really nice assistant there was chatting to us, showing us a Figurine of a moose and saying 'cow' to us. We are really enjoying being able to choose when to do the washing up and being able to throw clothes on the floor and not get shouted at. Of course, we both love a beautiful looking home, but it's liberating to not get yelled at for stuff. 

We spent the rest of the evening with the television on while Jack played Pokemon on his DS and I continued reading Paper Towns. Then came bed and sleep :)

PS: when a pigeon walks on our roof it sounds like its wearing metal flip flops.

Day 2
The day started with breakfassstt! We ate breakfast at the restaurant, but to be honest, neither of us went for anything special. Jack had a childs portion of frosties and I had a croissant. It was nice though, just what we wanted! We played around in the restaurant a bit dancing to all the songs that where being played. Seeing as we had decent WiFi in the restaurant to, we also watched Miley Cyrus's new song 'Wrecking Ball', and you know what, however slightly mortified I was about the random making out with DIY equipment and being naked and all, I really like the song and the video. After breakfast we hit the arcades again and discovered this game called 'DinosaurKing' which is apparently really popular in Japan, if lets you collect cards from it and battle between dinosaurs in a rock-paper-scissors kind of way. It's good, but we only went on it for the dinosaur cards really. I really wanted a Pterodactyl card, but no luck! While we where there we also discovered the 'Van Gogh's Studio' thing, which is basically a photobooth where you get a printed picture of yourselves in Van Gogh's style. I failed to see his styling, to be honest, but I adore our picture.

We walked down to the beach and sat on the rocky shoreline throwing stones into the water - is there really anything more satisfying than that? It's so stress relieving and in the weirdest way - so fun! Just seeing how far you can throw stones and watching the ripples expand as it slices through the water. Skimming stones is harder than it looks, but totally worth it once you manage to do it three or four times. The tide was coming in so we had to keep moving back so we didn't keep on getting wet toes. We collected some odd little stones and shells which we will take back home with us and treasure from this little holiday away.

The beach we were at was pretty much where me, Jack, and everyone who passed through our school would go when they were in year seven - Pagham harbour. There's a harbour, a lagoon, and a beach. I remember walking to the exact spot we passed today all those years ago, sifting through the lagoon mud to find little creatures under the microscope, and hiding in a little hut and bird watching it was really sweet.

We went out for dinner in the evening, and sat by the outdoor pool. Jack had a burger while I had popcorn chicken and chips that came in this really cute little cone. Neither of us could finish our meal so we had loads left. There was a storm brewing over the sea, and I loved watching it come in, and watching the birds flee away from it.

Day 3
Today was a bit of a write-off to be honest. I was in such pain with period pains, and when I wasn't I just felt sluggish and nauseous with it which is not a nice feeling at all. We attempted to go out for lunch, but really all we did today was play Magic the Gathering in our caravan and watch trashy tv on the 6 inch screen. Thankyou to Jack for looking after me, and for buying me paracetamol and a little cuddly toy penguin. We did, however, eat yum yums for breakfast and they were very yummy.

OH WAIT - I did finish Paper Towns by John Green though. I will review it ASAP.

Day 4
Something we had been wanting to do all week was to hire a little peddle powered kart for an hour and go exploring around the site. Peddling the cart was a LOT harder than it looked, and we were both a bit wobbly-legged after doing so for a while. I did manage to do a (kind-of) bay park in it though, despite not being told how to. I did however have a moment of bliss when the sun was shining, there was blue sky, a breeze in my face, and Jack peddling next to me when I was in kind of a bliss like state.

We decided to visit the beach again, and this time we skimmed stones a lot more successfully, explored the beach a bit, and even dipped our toes into the ice cold water a bit. We stayed until sunset, and walked back to the harbour/lagoon and watched the sun start to get lower over the water while sitting on a bench that was donated by someone called Lorraine who loved that view too.

Now, tonight probably would have been the ideal time to go out and view some of the entertainment that we had to pay for when booking the holiday. But you know us. Once we are home in the warm, and have the promise of good books, food, and TV programmes, usually unless our friends are the ones we are visiting, we will just stay at home and cosy up for the evening. So that's every single night this week that we have no visited the entertainment. To be honest though, neither of us are really that bothered at all. It's only the money we wish we could get back!

Day 5
Time to go hooooommmee!! Although we have loved having the house space to ourselves, and have had a good time on this holiday, we are happy to be going home. I left all my skincare and beauty things at home, we missed a decent wifi, and just being around all our things.

My dad was going to bring us home, but would have been working until 6pm. We did a bit of exploring though and found that there was a bus that took us directly from here to where I live, so we just got a bit of food from the shops, bought some presents for people and caught the bus home with armfuls of heavy luggage. Getting home, we dropped everything off, went to tesco to buy lots of food for the weekend ahead and then came home and continued to watch a Bioshock playthrough and catch up on YouTube and eat food. Glad to be home!

And now my university induction is next week, I am both a bit nervous and excited all at the same time. Wish me luck!



  1. Welcome back Jas! Glad to see you both having such a fab time and it sounded so fun, I wish I could have joined you haha!
    Can't wait to see the vlog as well!
    Best of luck starting back at Uni :)
    Lou xx

    1. Thanks Lou :D I'm sure you will be hearing a lot about it soon XD x

  2. That is a really sweet holiday diary, I like it! Sounds like you really had a good time :)
    Will you put the finished vlog up here?


  3. Your photography is amazing! I thought the first picture was models :P sounds like a good time and a lovely place :) x

    Sinead |