Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Yesterday, as I said in my previous post, I wen to a little festival in my home town where we there was a procession, and then live music and performances and little festival on a near by field. I always look forward to this every single year, and this year was no different. Well, I say that, it was different in one very special way - Jack was there with me for the first time :) When there is something repetitive that you do every year and then suddenly there is another person there with you, it really hits home how your life has changed for the better. It kind of kicks you out of the routine where you may take some one for granted ever so slightly, and makes you more and more in love.

The procession through the town is always a bit of a hit and miss here. Some years it is wonderful, and others it's a pretty miserable effort. This year however, I think we excelled ourselves and I enjoyed it so very much. It was a procession of old cars, floats, fire engines, dancers, dragons and all sorts. It brings the town together, and I've never felt like more of the community than I do at events like these. After the procession, we all walk down as a huge crowd to the ground of the festival, where there is yummy food, live music, falcon displays, stalls, games and bouncy castles. You cannot move two metres without meeting someone you know. My mum and her partner also came down, so it was nice to be out with them somewhere. It was a very hot day, and I don't know about you, but I completely melt in heat. I do not understand people who love it - I do not like it and it makes me really dizzy and worried! We just stayed for a few hours to watch some of the acts before coming home. A highlight, however, was the fact that I won a minion toy from Despicable Me 2 on the raffle stand. I adore him, and I have named him Papoi which is the minion language for 'unicorn'.

I am still reading The Casual Vacancy, but I'm purposely dragging it out, and reading it really slowly so that I soak everything in. If anyone has any suggestions for a book to read then please let me know. I think that I am going to start reading through the list of books that Carrie Hope Fletcher put on her youtube channel as her top 10 books of all time - I am so excited to start reading these!

Three more weeks until university starts again - yipee! Finally, it's been a long, long time since I've been at university properly, and I want to kick these final few months and start looking for full time work that I can start pretty much straight away. 

And, as a final note - I have been tagged in LOTS of tags from blogs, and I am honestly trying to complete as much as I can :) I think a Leibster award will be up tomorrow then a tag from Lou will be up the day after :) Thank you everyone for your continuing support. 


  1. Glad to see you having fun! The first picture is just adorable! :D
    Can't wait to see your answers for the tag!

    Love, lou xx


    1. It's all up now :D Thanks very much xo

  2. That minion is so cute! :D
    Funny thing, when I took my ex boyfriend to an event in our small village it was just downright awkward. The better it worked for you, maybe it was already clear to me at that point that we didn't work, who knows.
    What kind of books do you like? I find it hard to suggest a book to someone if I don't know the particular taste the person has ;)



    1. Eeeeek. Perhaps that was a good thing in the long run then :/

      I like a lot of different types of books. But anything with a touch of fantasy espepcially. Or apocalyptic novels - I seem to steamroller through them without realising too much!


    2. If you like fantasy-kinda things in our world, I would highly recommend the Mortal Instruments series or the companion, The Infernal Devices. It"s YA, no idea if you like that but I can promise, it's better than the movie, that's coming out ^^
      And if you want something not based in our world, I love Pat Rothfuss's Name of the Wind, that is one amazing book!

  3. your makeup is so pretty! <3