Monday, 12 August 2013

F.A.W Day Five - Glossybox August '13

Ohhh yesss! Hi everyone, as promised this is the mini-review and haul of my Glossybox this August. I was so excited about everything in this month's box, I think it's (almost) my favourite box I have ever received. I wholeheartedly recommend Glossybox to everyone who has an interest in beauty, skincare and makeup - it really helps you to explore new brands, and at the same time build up your cosmetic collection. This box had products in it from all over the world, which are often harder to get hold of in the UK.

The first thing that I saw when I opened my Glossybox, was a brand new pair of eyelash curlers - they were made by Emite Make Up. Not only was I pretty excited about these, but they looked pretty high end and where a gorgeous black and red colour. Expensive eyelash curlers have always baffled me. I just don't see how eyelash curlers like this (worth around £20) could be better than the usual £4 ones that I buy. Saying that, I am really very pleased that I now own them. I have been needing a new pair, but I'm wary of spending money on them. I've used these for a few days now, and they are pretty good. The pushing mechanism on them seems a lot sturdier and more effective than ones I have tried previously, and I don't worry that they are going to break and ricochet back into my eye - that has happened to me before. I really love the pop of red colour, and the rubber part of it seems very long wearing. You also get a few spare rubber strips which is a huge plus. Considering Glossybox is £10 a month for five products, having one of them worth £20 alone was awesome!

Glossybox have now sent me a number of Jelly Pong Pong products, and I think pretty much all of them have been quite a disappointment. This month it was a Jelly Pong Pong 2-in-1 Shadow and Liner in black. This is a fairly thick - claimed as 'creamy' - black pencil. It says that you can use it as an eyeliner or smudge it into eyes as a shadow. I really don't see the point for any of it. If it's an eyeliner it rubs off in seconds, the slightest touch smudges it, and personally I don't really fancy smudging a black pencil onto my eyelids. It says it costs £10.50 retail price, and personally Rimmel do better products at cheaper prices.

Urban Veda Purifying Day Cream was my next find in my box. I'm not sure why they sent me this, as on my Glossybox profile I'm listed as having dry/sensitive skin and this is for oil and spot prone skin. But all that aside, I gave it a go and I did like it. It has a strong smell of tea tree and feels pretty purifying and tightening. I can imagine that this would be really great for acne and people who get a lot of blemishes, but it just wasn't right for my dry skin. I would love to try some more products from this range, as it has a strong focus on hollistic health and wellbeing. I think I am definitely going to look into either a different product for dry skin, or even a full size.

TRESemme Keratin Smooth 60 Second Treatment - I can't really make a comment on this currently as I have not given it a go. However I am pretty stoked to try it as I have pretty dry hair too. I think I will review this individually, and may actually try this tonight!

Oceane Make Up Remover Pen - a couple of years ago a saw a friend using a similar product and I've wanted to try one ever since. This pen also comes with a number of refills, so there's not really a problem with it running out. It's apparently not available in the UK yet, but could still be found online somewhere. It's such a useful device, and works really well. What I use it most for, is when you get mascara on your eyelid. This pen means that you don't have to worry about redoing anything really, you just swipe it and it's gone. Of course it does, dye the tip of the pen when you use it, but I'm not really worried about that at all!

Overall, my love for Glossybox is just growing and growing. It's such an exciting moment when it arrives and you get to unwrap it and see what goodies are inside. I know I've been talking it up a lot, but just to let you know that this is not sponsored and it's all my own opinions. I just really think that this is worth the money.


  1. The eyelash curler looks really cool. Following your blog via bloglovin, hope you'll check out mine :)