Wednesday, 14 August 2013

F.A.W Day Seven - Giving Yourself a Direction

 © Jas Poole 2013

I think that sometimes in life, it is good to sit and write down exactly what you want. We always think in the back of our head that we are working towards something, but then we get lost in the routines and life just gets in the way. We lose sight of what it is that we are really working towards. How great would it be to know one thing, exactly what you want, and know that every single day you are doing one thing to work towards that? That everyday you are spending 10 minutes doing something that will get you what you want.

I have a few things that I would like to achieve at the moment. They are all important to me, and I think it's okay to have multiple things to work towards as long as it is achievable for you. Only you can make that decision. If you are unsure, ask yourself whether or not you want it enough, and if you do then just go for it. What's the worst that could happen, seriously?

The things I am working towards:
  • Finishing my degree
  • Passing my driving test
  • Moving out into my own house

Everyday, or whenever I think of it, I am going to come back to these three things and do one thing that will help me achieve them. For finishing my degree I will read a chapter of a book that will be helpful to my dissertation, or I will do some book work that will help me plan out my work. I will go over my notes, and search for information that it useful. I will email a company for advice or experience. Passing my driving test will rely entirely on money. For this I can do little things like not buy myself a treat on one day and put the money into a jar to go towards a lesson. I can read over my high way code. I can go over the workings of a car. I can do my best to earn more honest money. Moving out will a lot of the time rely on the previous two, so if I can work on those, then I am also working on my goal to move out into my own house. It's a cycle of positivity and giving yourself direction, giving your hard work a clear reason. Why am I doing this? Do I have to do this? Will this help me in the future? Is this what I want? You don't have to know the answers to this question, and your answers will change as you change, but they are a good basis to know what you want.

Sometimes it's really hard to find the motivation. You just think 'if I don't do anything today, and I do it all tomorrow then nothing will change', and maybe that is true, but maybe it is not. Maybe today is the opportunity that you will never have again. I'm not saying you have to make huge advances, work all day towards something and never miss a day. Quite the opposite. Just do something, even if it's blogging about it, writing down an idea, thinking about it while in the bath or walking the dog. Just keep in mind your goals. I'm going to print out the things I'm working for and stick them next to my mirror that I use in the morning.

I don't need to be worried that I am not advancing fast enough.
I do need to be patient, and realise that it will pay off.
Life is not a film or a book, you make your happy endings.
My main goal is to be happy.

On another, less serious note (XD) today started off pretty well. I tried out one of the hairstyles I found from Lou at Bluebird's blog and I looove it so much <3 I will definitely be doing my hair like this a lot more. It's super quick and looks so nice. I quite like this random mirror selfie too on my Instagram (therabbitwood).

This morning me and Jack wandered into town so that he could apply for a job, we got some cake and a brownie from Costa then came home and chilled for a little bit before coming back to my home home. I will be back there tomorrow. I love getting some time on my own, but I also miss him even though it will only be for about 24 hours. It's quite nice to miss someone sometimes though, if you know that you will see them soon. It's a reminder of how much they mean to you and your life. Jack makes me excited for the future, and excited for what we can do with our lives together. I am excited to see what he does as he grows older, and I can't wait to spend all those special moments with him by my side.

Currently (as I said in my last post) I am trying to read The Casual Vacancy by J K Rowling again, as last time I gave up about 100 pages in. J K Rowling is one of my hugest idols, she is an incredible person and I want to thank her so, so much for filling my childhood with wonder and magic, and for giving me such amazing role models in Harry, Ron and Hermione (as well as many others). Last time I felt that I didn't like how it was written. But this time, I just kind of get it more. I get that it is incredibly clever, and that it is masterfully put together in true J K Rowling style. I am literally eating up every sentence on the page. It can be quite hard to follow, but only because there are a lot of characters and sometimes I lose track of them. But I am loving it at the moment. It is a bit weird though that the voice of my childhood is now writing books that talk about sex and some racy language.

I have been having a lot of arguments with my mother today, but to cut a long story short she is not willing to stay here until I finish my final year of university. Therefore, I am looking to find somewhere that I can stay. It is very stressful, and very upsetting, and I wish that things could be different.

Aaaaannnnddd if you can believe it, it is the end of my week of blogging. My word it has gone very, very quickly. I have really enjoyed it though, and thankyou everyone who did it with me or who are doing it right now. It's amazing to think I can suggest something and then people from all over the country - and over the world in some cases - take the time out of their lives to do it with me. This is the wonderful power of the internet.


  1. Glad you liked the style, you suit it REALLY well! I adore the top picture, totally amazing Jas :)

    Lovely post, really helped me out with feeling some determination to get things done!

    Love, Lou xxx

  2. Great post! I really like writing things out too, it makes it more real for me, idk. :)


    1. It does really help for me :) Glad if does for you too.

  3. I remember that picture! i loved that series you did

    Also! I nominated you for the liebster award, check out the post on my blog :)

  4. I love this post! ...and love your blog, have followed! x

    1. Thankyou :D I've followed back, your blog is lovely xo