Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Confessions of a Beauty Blogger

Tagged by Lou @ Bluebird.

1:: How many hours a week do you spend writing/editing posts? 
Hmmm, maybe a few hours? I try to blog as much as I can, and I have loads of unfinished blogs that I write and never finish. If this get's posted before September begins then please be very proud of me. 

2:: Are you a spender or a saver? 
Oh god, I'm  a spender. Good on Lou for saying that she's a saver, but I just adore buying and owning things and shopping is one of my favourite thing to do ever. However, we are now saving up for a house so I think I may have to spend a little less. Or not.

3:: When is it easier for you to blog? 
Alone and in the evenings. I like to relax doing it, and know that no one is looking over my shoulder. I'm fine with anyone reading my blog when it's published, but there is something really private about an unfinished post for me.

4:: What makes writing behind a computer comfortable for you? 
Getting whatever I want out in words. Unless you mean physically comfortable, and then it will have to be PJs, lots of food and watching Doctor Who. Although maybe that goes without saying.

5:: What is your worst make up/hair habit? 
Not taking off my make up before I go to bed. I am so bad at this. I try, I really do, but I always forget about it until just when I am dropping off to sleep and than I just really do not want to drag myself out of bed to do that. My second is just sticking my hair up in a messy bun when I really cannot be bothered to do anything so that it gets matted. I always regret it afterwards.

6:: What is one quote you wish the world lived by? 
“The way I see it, every life is a pile of good things and bad things. The good things don’t always soften the bad things, but vice versa, the bad things don’t always spoil the good things and make them unimportant.” - The Doctor

7:: How long do you spend getting ready every day? 
Ahh not too long. Maximum half an hour if I'm properly getting ready, otherwise about 15 minutes. It all depends on the occasion to be honest! But I never spend a huge amount of time.

8:: Who's your favourite blogger? 
Today it is Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter! She is wonderful, and kind, and beautiful, and intelligent. I really want her as my mother or big sister. She seems like an awesome kind of person to see on a regular basis.

9:: Who is a blogger that you think deserves more subscribers than they have? 
Definitely Lou at Bluebird :) Who has become my friend through blogging. Also Colette at Established in the Tropics, and Cat at Cheshire Cat!

10:: What is one thing you are excited about in the upcoming year? 
Doctor Who 50th Anniversary 8) Ehehe. Although there are MANY things I am currently looking forward to in the year that's coming up. Get here soon please, because I am so super excited for it I cannot contain myself.

11:: What is your most awkward blogging moment? 
I don't think I've had any D:

12:: How long does it take for you to prep a post? 
Usually about 30 minutes to write it, and then another half hour faffing around with editing it.

13:: Are you wearing trousers right now or jogging pants/PJ bottoms? 
I am in my newest Pyjamas that I love. It's my only purchase ever from Topshop - a huge oversized bed tshirt with sleepy the dwarf on it. SO comfy.

14:: What are you most proud of in your life? 
I am proud of my achievements in education, and with my photography work. I feel like I am becoming a good person, and I am proud of that too.

Wahooo, I have finished another tag :) I now would like to tag Colette, Cat and Anni :)


  1. Oh, wow, thanks so much for tagging me :D
    I hadn't come across this tag until now, I really enjoyed it. I'm also looking forward to the 50th special, I've read they are broadcasting it in many different countries at the same time, I really really hope, Germany will be one of them!


    1. I'm pretty damn sure they will be broadcasting it in Germany! If not then I'm betting it will be all over the internet. Either way I'm so excited for it! xo

  2. Great answers! Glad you completed it, love your crazy obsession with Doctor Who :P I'm more of a Sherlock fan myself!

    Lou xx

  3. Awww Jasmine I really enjoyed your answers. And the quote! I think i'm gonna hang it in my apartment because it is really a good lesson to live by! And thank you for tagging me :D Will do this soon :)


    Colette| Established In The Tropics