Wednesday, 24 July 2013

LEAP Motion - Unboxing and First Impressions

A long while ago, well over a year ago, I saw an opportunity online to order a device called a LEAP which allows you to control what's going on on your computer with your hands and with hand gestures. It was not very expensive for what it was (I think around £40), was the very first of it's kind and was still in development so there where quite a limited number available to people. This was enough to
persuade me to put my name down to be some of the first members of the general public to get my hands on one of these. After a month or so I have to say that I had forgotten about it completely, I wasn't entirely sure either if it wasn't some kind of internet scam or something.

After a few emails from the LEAP team about updates, I got an email saying mine had been dispatched and it would arrive in a few days. I was still skeptical, and didn't really think much of it. Even when FedEx tried to deliver a parcel and it was rescheduled to arrive today I still wasn't really that excited. But... BUT boy now it is here, it is so amazing. It's like going to a party you don't want to go to and expecting to have a horrible time but then turning up and having the time of your life.

First impression of the packaging (above picture) was that it looked very sleek and high end. It's almost the kind of quality that you get in a boxed item from Apple like a new iPhone. It's the kind of packaging you don't want to throw away because it's so pretty.

In the box is your Leap device, and underneath are two connection wires one fairly short and the other much longer. It's really nice that you have that option because sometimes there's nothing worse than having a huge wire loose everywhere, same with it being too short and unusable. There's also a small safety guide.

To set it up you have to visit and download a software called AirSpace.

It is possibly the easiest thing I have ever set up in my life. You literally plug it in and open the software and boom it's working like a dream. The orientation of the device is the first thing that appears on full screen which is a pretty awesome and exciting moment. It's all very clinical high tech.

You then go through some trippy orientation / tutorial screens where you wave your hands over the leap and it shows you from a few angles how far it's range stretches and how your hands make an impact on it. The picture below is an example of what the Leap sees in terms of wisps in the air. The orange is where my hands have been detected and are moving around.

Some of the other tutorial screens literally show how it perceives your hands as they move. This below is my favourite. It's really scary how amazingly accurate it is. Say hello to my hands!

The screenshot below is the AirSpace software where you can download apps, games, screen control etc. The apps are fairly priced and there is a small but good selection available for download both free and paid.

Overall, this is like a very exciting present I didn't know I was getting. I will tell you now - this device is AMAZING. Really, really special. It works absolutely seamlessly, and it really feels like you're stepping 20 years into the future it's such amazing technology. Jack was here today when I was setting up, and every different screen it went to, everything it did, or every app we tried we were just squealing with excitement at just how good it was. It's like in sci-fi films where screens are controlled with gestures. You can tell it's very early on in development but I honestly think that it will not be long before all computers come with this built in as standard. Wow, it's been an awesome techey day.

I will probably review some of the apps I have downloaded and will be downloading soon for it, so keep an eye out if you are interested :)



  1. You finally got it!!! That's great :) So... does it basically work like a mouse? Only you are using your hands right? The only problem I can see with this technology is that you can't use it for too long otherwise your arms will be soar lol But it looks pretty cool


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  2. It's beautiful :D It can work like a mouse yes, you can control your computer with gestures. There's also a cool unlock feature to use instead of a password. It's a bit like the nintendo wii in terms of hurting your arms XD you get used to it!