Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Current Favourites

I figured it was a bit late to do a June favourites and still too early for a July one. Anway, who loves things for exactly one month? It's more like a constant shifting if likes and loves. The things I use don't change that often - If I find something for my skin that I really love I will use it until it runs out which may be a few months.


Make Up

Benetint by Benefit - I have had the small tester size of this for over 6 months now and I probably use it at least every other day if not every day. It's still only half gone, and recently I have rediscovered just why I love it so much. I bought it originally to use as just a lip tint - I think it works really well at giving your lips a bit of colour without too much. For me personally I love to wear a more obvious colour on my lips, but for the days you just want a natural no-fuss easy look this is so perfect. However, what is new for me, is using Benetint as a blush to the top of my cheekbones. It's a beautiful blush. I think the reason I didn't use it as blush for the first 5 months of using it was because putting dark red liquid on your cheeks it quite daunting. But - I'm very glad that I did as it is now my VERY favourite way of adding colour to my cheeks. If you apply it onto your lips and cheeks at the same time, it gives you such a warm, healthy and beautiful glow. I really love it. As I said previously, I currently have the smaller size that came in the Benefit Sugarlicious set. (I also recommend this set so very much. I threw out the other blusher that came with it and I am so annoyed!) I think I may have to purchase it full size at some point because it is so versatile.

Hair Care

Moroccan Argan Oil - An impulse buy, but really awesome. It makes my hair feel super soft, healthy and strong. A definite must-buy for now and ever - why have I not tried this before? The longest layers in my hair are waist-length so they need lot of conditioning.


Animal Crossing: A New Leaf - I used to own a version of this game when I was about 13, I liked it then but never really loved it. There was too much that annoyed me. Now I have it on my 3DS I love it so so much. It's so wonderfully addictive, and it's much more customisable and easy to use.


A Great and Terrible Beauty by Libba Bray - What can I say about this book. It was the July book for the book club that I'm part of and I finished it by July 5th because It was so awesome. It's young adult - adult fantasy set in an English finishing school. All of my favourite things in one little book. I really wish (so badly) I could read the sequel now, but I just can't spare with the money at the moment, even if it is just £5. One day though, I will. And I cannot wait.

TV Series

Oh em geeee. This is most definitely my favourite thing at the moment. For those who don't know, it's an american sitcom about a group of geeky scientist friends and how their daily lives. I am working my way through all the series. I probably started doing this about three weeks ago and I am now half way through series 6. It's just so addictive and I do not want it to end. It's like my replacement for Friends episodes because I've seen every one of those many times. The awesome thing about The Big Bang Theory is that it's still going! Yes! I need a new series to watch afterwards - does anyone have any suggestions for me?

Student Food

PESTO. Particularly sun dried tomato pesto. It's soooo good if you're low on money. I got a standard smallish of pesto and have made SO many different meals with it. It's super nice with chicken and pasta. And in a bagel. And with cucumber and crackers. It is also very cheap - about £1.50 and it lasts many meals. Mmmmh.


So that was a bit of a random list I know, but it's a taster of my favourite things at the moment. I have currently just started to read the Jaqueline Wilson books of my childhood - I'm almost done with Diamond Girls and it is even better than I remember. I think it's because now I can really and truly understand the situations and the characters from a human and adult point of view instead of a my sugar coated child's eyes of when I first read them. Jaqueline Wilson is so amazing, and my childhood pretty much belongs to her and J. K. Rowling. They taught me about morals and integrity. I think the next one I will read will be Lola Rose as I have it here. Hooray!

It is so so hot here at the moment, well for us brits anyway. 30℃ here at the moment. I really do not get on too well in the heat, I just feel sluggish and anxious and don't want to do anything. I can't wait for the cold winter weather and the rain to come back. Please do hurry up!

Thankyou everyone for your lovely comment on my last post!



  1. Hey Jas, enjoyed reading this post! I'm feeling the heat too, it's a bit too hot and sticky but I don't mind the sunshine :)

    Loving a look on your facebook page as well!
    Hope all is going well for you and your fridge is settled in fine,
    Love Lou xo


    1. Thanks very much :D At least the heat is kind of subsiding now.
      PS: The fridge is doing really well! haha
      Jasmine xo

  2. Great post! I think you should make it a feature around here :) I am currently finishing the third book of the series and working on a dedicated post >_< It's harder to write a review post of a book series rather than of one book.

    The Big Bang is sooo funny! Plus, being a "nerd" I totally get the inside jokes and stuff. It's too precious :) Unfortunately, I don't have any real Tv shows recommendations at the moment. I am still hung up on The Game Of Thrones :( But I am considering watching over again Once Upon A Time, which is a great show, if you haven't seen it yet ;)

    Argan oil is THE best! I have it as an essential oil, and use a few drops from time to time in my hair and it does miracles!

    Established In The Tropics

  3. I love that oil too! Have you tried the matching shampoo and conditioner; they go hand in hand!