Saturday, 20 July 2013

Current Favourite Books

This month has been a real read-worthy month. I often go through patches where I read many books one after the other, often reading them in a few days each. I'll then go through a while where I just can't get into a book, but usually return to loving something in the end. This month I've started two new series of books. I LOVE book series, the cliffhangers, the needing to read more etc. If a book can grab you enough they it has you on straight away to buy the sequel or pining for the next one to be released it has to be something special.

I do love young adult fiction. I love general fiction too, but I think sometimes it gets too caught up with being clever, and using fancy language - sometimes I just want a gripping story with characters that I can really invest in and love. In general, I would choose something more fantasy-based over realism-based, just because I love anything like that. Apocalyptic novels also seem to be my jam - I wouldn't even say that I adored them over others, but looking back, pretty much most of my favourite books are just that. 

So, onto these books them Jasmine...

A Great and Terrible Beauty /
The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray
I used to have this book on my shelf, I never read it and eventually I got rid of it. Recently I googled it and realllly wanted to read it, and luckily it was picked as July's book for the online book club I am in. I had finished it in a few days, I was so gripped. Now like I said, I'm a huge sucker for anything supernatural, but also anything set in a boarding school. This book is set in an old English finishing school which pretty much cements it to being something that I will enjoy. I cannot believe that this book, and the trilogy, do not have more fans. It is really well written, has a fantastic plot, and has those moments as though your watching a scary film and see a character do something really stupid but can do nothing to stop it. I can't praise the first book enough, and I really urge you to read it. I've just received the second book in the series called Rebel Angels and can't wait to get suck into it. 

Angelfall by Susan EE
I included this in my last haul post, and I remember saying that I kind of regretted spending money and only bought it to keep myself occupied. You know when you read a book, and it's a tiny bit lifechanging and you know the series will become very important to you? As in Harry Potter important? Yeah, this is one of those books. To my horror the sequel to this will not be out until later in the year. Oh god, I need it. It's another post apocalyptic novel, but this time it's not a virus that's turning everyone into weird zombie like creatures, it's angels. And oh god, the romantic tension along with the thrill of danger that runs through this book is incredible. The plot is original and very, very engaging, and the main character is wonderful to read. If you are going to read any book, please read this. I think it may have started on the Internet and then picked up a publishing deal. And too right. 

I am also working on re-reading books from my childhood. I took so much from them, and they mean so much to me. At the moment it's the Jacqueline Wilson books, I'm buying them whenever I find them for about £1.50 in charity shops. I have just read Diamond Girls. I think these books have so much more meaning when you read them as an adult. There is so much you dismiss as a child that makes more sense when you're older. I also want to read the Roald Dahl and Enid Blyton books again at some point. 

What is your favourite book? Can you recommend me a book?


  1. Please do more book related posts, I love them!

    A great and terrible beauty sounds really good! If you like that then you might like 'Etiquette and Espionage' by Gail Garriger. It is a supernatural novel set in a floating finishing school which actually trains people to exciting! I read it awhile ago even though its more for teens and really enjoyed it:)

    I think my favourite book is 'I captured the castle' by Dodie Smith, it might not be your cup of tea. But still look it up because I really enjoyed it :)

    Lou xx

    1. I definitely will! I love books and I love quite a lot of them. Will definitely check out the book you suggested to, it sounds just like the kind of thing I would like. I've also been wanting to read I Captured the Castle for AGES AND AGES. I really need to get around to that!

  2. I really like this post because I love learning about good books to read <3 I'm going to add these to my reading list, thanks for sharing!

    xoxo -B ♡

  3. I'm glad you got hold of Rebel Angels :) Right now I am reading "Everything is Perfect when You're a Liar" by Kelly Oxford. It's soooo funny! I just wish I didn't have to run constant errands to finish it up! July was a really good month for me reading-wise :)