Saturday, 13 July 2013

Beauty Haul and July's Glossybox

After a bit of a horrible night last night (hormone-fuelled break downs and whatever else) today was such a beautiful and good day. I wasn't really expecting much from it to be honest, but I got a call from Jack at about 9:20am (when he's usually asleep) saying that he had some time and that we could go to Chichester for today. I thought I wouldn't get to see him for at least another 10 days so I was happy about this :) It was a hoooooottt day, it reached about 31°C. We shopped for a bit, then Jack went to a YuGiOh tournament in the afternoon while I watched for a bit and then just headed back to the shops. I'm still very low on money, but I love everything I got. It was the perfect goodbye and send off to Jack. When I got home my Glossybox had also arrived so even more glorious goodies.

Beauty Haul

Trevor Sorbie Volume Shampoo and Conditioner, 2 for £8
Thought I would try something new.

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Toner, £1.50
Bit obsessed with the Body Shop today but tried to not spend too much money so opted for mini trial sizes instead. Toners are the one skincare thing I neglect, so I'm looking for a good'un.

Body Shop Vitamin E Moisturising Mask, £1.50 each
Same as above, I cannot remember the last time I used a face mask. These ones look awesome.

LUSH Butterball Bath Bomb, £2.40
Smells yummy, fairly cheap and I've heard many good things about this one.

Tango Shower Gel, £1.00
Smells like complete heaven, that's the only reason I bought it really. I adore things that smell like apple, and this is so strong and sour. Wonderful - excited for this. For only £1 thats even better.

Radox Bath Cream, £1.00
Bought more out of necessity to be honest. Smells yummy though.

Angelfall, £6.99
I was actually just looking for a book to read while Jack was at the tournament today, but ended up not reading it. One thing today I kind regret spending money on, but I suppose if it's good then it will be worth it!

Glossybox July 2013

Anatomicals - Spray Misty for Me Facial Spritz
They must have read my mind, I've been wanting one of these for a while. First impressions is that it smells pretty nice and is very refreshing. Let's see.

Sleek Pout Paint in Mauve Over and Minx
I got some weird colours! But they are pretty pigmented and lovely. May do a full review.

Bamboo Style Boho Waves Tousled Texture Mist
Excited to use this! My current salt spray is not up to parr.

Coola Face Mineral Sunscreen
Loving facial sunscreens at the moment! You can never have enough. I've never tried a mineral one before.

Essie Sleek Stick in A to Zebra
Hmmm not sure I like the design of these. I'm still interested to try these as I was eyeing them up today in Superdrug anyway!


The weather this week is meant to be so hootttt, I'm so jealous that Jack will be spending it on holiday. Although - I HATE heat. I would so much prefer thunderstorms and rain for the whole week. Let's keep our fingers crossed that it will do that instead this week. 

I've also just started watching Vampire Diaries and I'm a little bit in love with it! So addicted to it, I can't stop watching it! It's like a good version of Twilight. 

Thank you to everyone for your support on this blog. <3


  1. ooo can't beat a goo lush bath bomb!



  2. I know! I always forget how much I love them.