Monday, 1 July 2013

A Day Out With an Old Friend

Today I went out in Chichester with an old friend of mine, Ellie. We went to play school, primary school, intermediate school, grammar school and sixth form together but have lost touch a bit in the last couple of years. It was such a wonderful day. We did quite a lot of shopping considering we both do not have too much money, I bought some really really lovely things and I actually regret none of them at all. 

Paperchase was - of course - the first place we went to. I have a strange love for all things stationary. I bought a beautiful 'well being' notebook, where you can track things like food, recipes, exercise, goals and inspirations. For my birthday Ellie bought me such a gorgeous journal from there too which looks like it has been hand bound - I love it to pieces. I don't want to write anything in it because I don't want to spoil it with messy handwriting or change my mind half way through. Also bought a notebook for my dissertation - my theory being that if I like my stationary I will actually enjoy the entirety of my whole 10,000 word essay. Gahhh. Ellie works at Paperchase though, which is very handy.

From H&M I bought a creamy pink coloured skirt with black bird silhouettes on it, and also a red casual burgundy dress that has pegasus all over it. Mmmh I love H&M clothes, I could have spent so much more in there because a lot of their clothes are so yummy. There was a skirt in New Look that was black chiffon and had a dipped hem at the back. I wanted it so badly, but at £20 my student budget was whining at me quite badly so I didn't get it. At some point though I really need to buy either that skirt or an equivalent. Bye for now lovely skirt, bye for now.

We ate at Wetherspoons for our lunch and I stole Ellie's awesome sun glasses while drinking my J2O...

I seriously had to stop myself from buying some Yankee candles today too. I am not usually a candle person, but Yankee candles are completely my weakness. I was so much tempted to buy the ones that smelled like Fluffy Towels and the one that smelled like Salted Caramel. One day I will buy these too, as the big ones cost £20 and the smallest where still nearly £9. 

I went into Superdrug and bought some Salt Spray, Moroccan Oil, a GOSH primer and a GOSH eyeliner which I will probably review at some point in the future :) Probably items that I did not need..... :/ but love anyway.

Me and Ellie sporting our wonderful ice creams.

OH and I almost forgot the image at the top of this blog post, and the one below are from Chichester Cathedral. We decided to explore it while we where there, and I ended up lighting two candles of remembrance of my Grandad and a dear friend of ours who passed away a year or two ago called Karen (or as we called her Buttercup). I am not particularly religious  but lighting a candle for someone is something I really like to do. It still represents nature, light and darkness, hope, life and death all in one. 

After a really good day, I went on Facebook when I got home and things got a bit annoying and a little bit bad. A few wedding clients where messaging me wanting their photos but where doing it in a way that you really wouldn't treat someone who was older than 20 years old like me. I think because I'm so young people think they can take advantage a lot of the time. Oh well. Tomorrow I will get it sorted to the best of my ability.


  1. Would you mind sharing the photos of those notebooks you got? I am such a stationary addict XD and like you I am always scared to write in a newly bought notebook because I am scared of messing it up or changing my mind about what it is that I first decided to use it for.

    Anyway, it is good and you and Ellie got together and had a good day. Those ice creams do look good!

    Established In The Tropics

    1. Sure I will :D I will put some pictures of them in the next post so you can see! Stationary addict's for the win. x