Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Walks and Wonderings

I went for a walk today with my little dog Bella and for once I took my camera with me and took some more 'neutral' photos - nothing fancy, nothing with pressure, just simple photos that show the beauty of what is around me. The purple flowers are in bloom at the moment which always makes the woods near where I look look super pretty. There used to be loads, everywhere - but they cut them down in the last year or so. There are still a few scattered around though!

I've been really panicy and sad all day today about the future and what is going to happen. I don't think I got a very good night sleep, it was full of nightmares and horrible things so hopefully tonight I'll get a good night's kip and be fresh as a daisy tomorrow. Because TOMORROOOWWW the new fridge I bought it coming. It's crazy to be so excited about a fridge, but I am very excited to be able to keep things like milk, yoghurt and butter cool again. And freezer food, my old friend, you will return.

Me and Jack are getting into making bread. We made some on Monday which was okay, but we could do it a lot better. And we sure plan to at the end of this week! If it goes well I may vlog it, or definitely take some photos. I will let this blog know how it goes anyway!



  1. I utterly adore the forest picture Jas! Truly stunning, I think it's showing the best of your talents that you are feeling less pressure :) I hope everything works out for you soon, I'm going through a confusing time at the moment as well...it's horrible isn't it?

    Enjoy your fridge!
    Love, Lou xxx

  2. Yeah, really rubbish. It will get better for both of us though :)
    Haha I will definitely enjoy this fridge!!

  3. The woods look so beautiful and reminds me of something out a story book :)
    Yay, You get your new fridge! One time ours broke and I though I was going to die, lol.

    xoxo -B ♡

  4. beautiful photography! especially love the first photo :)

    leyla xx

  5. That forest is just beautiful! I want to hike there :) which reminds me that as soon as I move back to US, I should join a hiking/biking group or form one.

    Like you, I am worrying about my future as well. I really don't want to but I can't help to ask myself "what if it doesn't go as I plan, then what?" lol but I have faith that the moment come, I will know what to do.

    As for the bread, there is nothing better than a homemade bread. It can be tricky to make though. You have to make sure that the yeast isn't killed in a too hot water and that the bread rises ;)

    Established In The Tropics

  6. You take such wonderful pictures! And I know the feeling of not knowing what's going to happen next! I've been in a state of limbo after university for a while now, it's not nice! xx