Friday, 21 June 2013

My 20th Birthday

I have officially been on this planet for 20 WHOLE YEARS. 20 feels like such a big milestone. I have reached the two's and although I am actually quite excited about it, it's also strange and weird.

My mother woke me up fairly early by singing 'Happy Birthday' outside my door, and my present from her is a gorgeous watch I've have my eye on for a while that has a map of the world on it's face. We are also going out to dinner on Monday which will be lovely too! Jack woke up and gave me his gift which was a selection of perfumes from the Miss Dior collection, which is my favourite ever. He also made me some really sweet vouchers for things like 'exchange for flowers' and 'exchange for a massage'. It was so nice.

My dad had given us some vouchers to eat out at a restaurant, but we decided to wait until we really wanted to eat out so it would be a nice surprise and treat at some horrible time when we really needed it. We did go and eat lunch at a little cafe nearby which we love because its just so...trashy. Cheap food, comfort food, what more do you want sometimes?

Random vanity shot waiting for Jack...

I used the Toothless and Charmander badges I purchased at Comic Con this year as my birthday badges. Also - I love my time turner.

A wonderful greasy spoon of a cafe. We love it.

The watch my mum got me as a birthday gift.

Jack and his cheeseburger.

Ham, egg and chips. Perfect.

This is the perfume that Jack got me <3 - also I bought myself some goodies with my birthday money. Another Apocalypse lip glass, bronzing powder and a translucent powder from Rimmel as well as a Bourjois powder brush. The Marilyn Monroe book in the background we spotted at the fair I'm just about to talk about. It will be perfect for my dissertation reading list, plus they were only asking £0.10 for it, so I gave them £0.20 because I felt too bad for only giving them that much!

It also just happened to be the Summer Fair at the school my mother works at, also the primary school that I attended and visit quite regularly. I love the summer fair. It completely reminds me of my childhood. So much fun, and the weather was hot and sunny! Hooray.

We won a coconut at the coconut stall. We were very proud.

We also won orange squash on the drinks raffle.

The coconut was then STOLEN by my dog Bella who thought it was the best fun in the world.

I also FINALLY bought Animal Crossing with some money I got given today. I'm so happy I have it at last. This was Isabelle's reaction to it being my birthday. Whoopee!!

I hope everyone has had a good Summer Solstice. I have had a lovely day. Thankyou to everyone I know. Tomorrow I'm off to shoot a wedding, and I am SO TIRED so I should probably go and get some sleep. :)



  1. Happy Birthday! :) Aww this post was so cute, my favorite part was the ones with you and Jack. I hope you had a wonderful birthday and have many more in the future :D

    xoxo -B ♡

  2. Happy Birthday Jas! Hope you had a wonderful day, looks like you did:)
    I am in love with you necklace, where did you get it?

    Lots of birthday Love, Lou xx