Thursday, 13 June 2013

Favourite Artists from London Comic Con 2013

Ever since I came back I've been meaning to go through all the wonderful business cards and artists that I discovered at MCM Expo this year. I remember being so inspired and so excited by their work - I am about to start looking through these business cards right now so this blog can discover them all over again just like me :)

The What Not Tree -
I remember meeting the lovely lady behind this shop. I fell in love with her Harry Potter jewellery, and bought two lovely necklaces. She then (awesomely) gave me a little ravenclaw phone charm to go with it as a free gift. So THANKYOU! I've had a look at their website and unfortunately I do not know which of the people from this collective made these necklaces or anything, so I can't credit someone particularly. But I do recommend you go and check out their work as it's all pretty awesome ;)

Romantically Apocalyptic -
Never bever have I seen artwork that has literally made me stop and go 'woooooowwww'. Just browsing though their website right now I am dying slightly because I want to purchase one of their books SO badly but I can't really spare the money at the moment. Romantically Apocalyptic is a web comic combined with incredible digital artwork, set in an apocalyptic world. I wish I had bought some post cards of this series when I was at Comic Con because I totally regret that now! I wouldn't want to put any of their work on this blog because of copyright reasons, but I really urge you to check them out. This is one of my favourites. GAH. For more information check out this page too as it introduces it quite nicely! Now to try and stop myself from buying their book.

Destiny Blue -
A gorgeous GORGEOUS artist who immediately caught my eye. Her work is really beautiful and she was such a lovely person to meet. It was definitely a job to choose which print I wanted to buy. Eventually I went for this really pretty one. At the moment it's just stuck to my wall, but I'm hoping when I move house I can get it properly framed in a thick white frame or something.

Audrey Molinatti - /
Perhaps my favourite of the lot simply because I loved how her work focused on all the things I adore the most! From her I purchased THREE post cards, more than I did from anybody else. I really, really, really, recommend that you check out all her gorgeous work on her DeviantArt. I bought this MERIDA postcard on a greeny blue background, this ONCE UPON A TIME postcard on a creamy background, and then finally this DOCTOR WHO postcard, although I'm still trying to find it. It's gone walk abouts.

Some other artists I found there:

Note: I have tried my hardest to respect copyright to everything on this blog post, if any of the artists have any queries or would like to give me permission to show some of their pictures on this post them please email me :)

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  1. Hey, thanks for posting the fabulous comments about Romantically Apocalyptic (I'm one of their convention minions). I know Vitaly appreciates his fans very much! :) Hope you had a great convention, and come over and say hello/introduce yourself if we see you there again!