Saturday, 8 June 2013

A Strange Week With a Happy Weekend

Hello to rabbitwood, the new blog of Jasmine. I'm making this blog as a personal and lifestyle blog to act as a record of my life that I can look back on and remember. Also I'll share any tips of bits of advice that would be good to remember, as it's so easy to forget the things that work.

This week has been a bit of a strange week. I have spent the majority of the week with a cold and really bad congestion and sinus pain. I'm not the greatest person at being ill, as soon as I know that I'm not able to leave the house I start to get really anxious and worried which doesn't really bode well for a happy Jasmine. Luckily the book club's new book is 'The Picture of Dorian Gray' which I have never read before, and it really kept me entertained through the annoying illness. I'm so glad that my current hob I get to work for myself, so I'm not missing too much work wise. The editing of the wedding pictures has suffered slightly because of it though. I have one wedding to finish to send off for monday (80ish photos to edit for then - must crack on!) and then another wedding after that which I actually quite excited to edit through. I am the queen of procrastinating editing wedding photos. I edit the first 50 or so straight off because they are all the photos that I love the most. It's then when I have edit a further 200 or so that I don't think are particularly great on a composition / colour / expression level that gets a tiny bit tedious. I just have to try and remind myself that the bride and groom will appreciate these photos of their family and friends, even if I do not!

On Thursday Jack came round and I *think I can't remember too much* we just ate chips, ham, nice bread and garlic bread for a bit while playing Pokemon TCG and going for a few walks into town.

On Friday we sadly attended the funeral of my Granddad - Ronald Kenneth White who passed away a few weeks ago after a 10 week battle with cancer. We arrived at the funeral a bit early, so beforehand we went and got some food and then walked back to the crematorium where my huge family started to arrive. I was actually very pleased to see my whole family - there are a LOT of us so gathering everyone in one place is a very rare occurrence  It's just sad that it had to be for such a sombre occasion, but I saw people who I had missed dearly, and had had no contact with for quite a while. The service itself was teary, we have never really had a family funeral. My mum is nearly 50 and has never been to a family funeral before. But it was a million times easier because they where all there around me. Tissues at the ready. After the funeral we went to a pub near to where I live to celebrate his life, the 'Wake' if you must. I actually had such a wonderful time. Jack met my family for the first time which was wonderful, and I loved properly catching up with everyone - and everyone looked amazing. I particularly had fun with all the kids on the trampoline. They were amazing.

Me and Jack before the funeral.

Me and mum before the funeral.

The flowers me and my cousins bought.
Me and Jack having fun with some of the girlies.
And again!

This weekend I am on my own, and today I have spent the day YET AGAIN procrastinating wedding photos. I think it would be a good idea for me to make my own schedule for the week that I stick to - I always love schedules and they work out really well for me! It's just hard when there are little random things happening, but I suppose if I had a schedule to work to then I could do just that - work around it.

Today I met up for a Costa with the wonderful George. We have been friends ever since Centre Stage Academy and both live in the same town so we catch up every now and again. The new drinks in Costa for Summer 2013 are soooo nice! Sticky Toffee Creamy Cooler and Tropical Fruit Cooler - so so yummy! After we went and sat at St. Anne's Hill and chatted some more and took a few photos before I came home to 'edit wedding photos' and got sidetracked with writing this blog. Woops. Tomorrow I may be meeting up with my friend Ellie, or else just using the time to get these photos finished. I do not like viewing photography in a negative way, I must work on seeing this in a positive light.

George :)

Looking forward to hopefully moving out in September. It's all very up in the air at the moment, but fingers crossed. Fingers. Crossed.

All the best.

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